Information for the Global Campus community and visitors

The situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) contagion is evolving rapidly in Italy, Europe and globally. This page provides the latest information and guidelines for the Global Campus community, as well as for visitors to the headquarters in Venice.

The situation at the Global Campus headquarters in Venice

The Global Campus educational activities are suspended until 3 April 2020 following measures issued by the Italian government (see below). The venue of the Global Campus headquarters and Global Campus Europe - the Monastery of San Nicolò in Venice-Lido - is currently closed; however its administration and staff members remain fully operational by working remotely.

Activities planned in the spring term have already been or are being postponed. Please check our website under the section dedicated to the specific activities and reach out to the relevant contact persons for information and updates.

COVID-19 measures by the Italian Government

With the “I stay at home” (Io resto a casa) decree of 9 March, the Italian government has declared the entire national territory as a protected area. More stringent measures were added in a new decree on 11 March. People are requested to adhere to the following indications:

Move only if necessary

Avoid leaving home except for work or health reasons or situations of necessity. If you have an absolute need to move, you must fill out and carry the self-certification form, attesting to the necessity of your movements. You may be asked to show the form to Italian authorities. A false declaration is an offence.

Prohibition of assembly

All forms of gathering of people in public places or places open to the public are prohibited throughout the country.

Closure of commercial activities

Restaurants, bars and most shops are closed as of 12 March 2020. Closure does not apply to pharmacies, food stores (alimentari), and few other essential services (e.g. banks), which must guarantee a distance of one metre between people.

Sports events and competitions suspended

Sports events and competitions of any order and discipline, in public or private places, are suspended.

Stop for gyms, swimming pools, spas and recreational centres

The activities of gyms, sports centres, swimming pools, swimming centres, wellness centres, spas (except for the provision of services falling within the essential levels of care), cultural centres, social centres, leisure centres are suspended.

The Italian Ministry of Health (in Italian) and the Italian Protezione Civile (in English and Italian) provide daily updates about new cases and instructions the public needs to follow.

In case of symptoms

If you are experiencing symptoms of the virus you are advised to contact your own doctor or paediatrician, and ONLY in case of urgency (breathing difficulties, urgent request of ambulance) the emergency number 118.

Additional contact information and support

  • The Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 helpline is available at 1500
  • For more general, non-emergency information and support, an additional toll-free helpline from the Veneto Regional Health Service is available at 800.462340, Monday-Friday from 9:00-17:00.