First Round Deadline:

28 February 2019

Second Round Deadline:

20 May 2019

Operational Duration

First Semester-Mahidol University

The first semester at Mahidol University consists of four courses and runs from August till November. The first semester curriculum consists of a foundational program, made up of four core units of study.

These units are compulsory for all students and include the following:

  • HPRD 551 Human Rights Norms and Mechanisms Part 1
  • HPRD 541 Human Right and Democratisation Research
  • HPRD 542 Dynamics of Human Rights Violations
  • HPRD 543 Democratisation: Theory and Practice

Second Semester – Mahidol University

There is an intensive course at IHRP in January, before students travel to the partner university for the second semester which runs from February to July.

  • HPRD 544 Human Rights and Democratisation Intensive
  • HPRD 553 Applied Research in Human Rights and Democratisation

Second Semester- Regional Partner University

At the partner university students study two courses and undertake a research project. Scholarships students will be assigned to a partner for their second semester according to the best fit with their study preferences. Fee-paying students can select any of the partners for their second semester.

  • HPRD 552 Human Rights Norms and Mechanism Part 2
  • HPRD 546 Critical and Emerging Issues in the Asia Pacific
  • HPRD 698 Thesis (Dissertation or Applied Research Dissertation)

The research project takes two forms:

  • MA Dissertation: A Master’s level dissertation supervised by program academic staff
  • Action Research Dissertation: A research paper done in cooperation with an internship placement