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Publication Date Article Title Author(s) Affiliation(s)
30 June 2020 Introducing GC Human Rights Preparedness  Murphy, Thérèse/Agapiou Josephides, Kalliope Queen’s University Belfast/University of Cyprus
30 June 2020 Human Rights Community — Preparing for the Next Major Crisis Gilmore, Eamon European Union
30 June 2020 Children Behind Bars in Times of COVID-19: Are Governments Prepared? Nowak, Manfred Global Campus of Human Rights
30 June 2020 The Reinvention of Multilateralism Gomez, Veronica Global Campus of Human Rights
30 June 2020 COVID-19 and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Kędzia, Zdzisław Global Campus of Human Rights
06 July 2020 Preparedness? Unpreparedness? Or Punctuated Preparedness? Murphy, Thérèse Queen’s University Belfast
09 July 2020 A Feminist Human Rights Preparedness for Pandemics and Other Emergencies Agapiou Josephides, Kalliope University of Cyprus
13 July 2020 Predicting Preparedness Through the 2019 Global Health Index: Mistakes and Lessons Learned Hayes, Mike Mahidol University
16 July 2020 The Video of Their Crimes: Protecting the Right to Record Okeowo, Adebayo WITNESS
20 July 2020 A post-pandemic era: Human Rights challenges for a ‘new norma Gómez Isa, Felipe University of Deusto
23 July 2020 Coming Home to Human Rights Neville, Jemma EMA alum
27 July 2020 COVID-19 Opportunities for Asian Inter- and Intra-Regional Integration Prakash Vyas, Ravi Kathmandu School of Law
30 July 2020 Rights of LGBTIQ+ Persons in Africa During COVID-19 Budoo, Ashwanee University of Pretoria
03 August 2020 Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant: Press Freedom, Pandemics and Why Journalism Is in Dire Need of Support" Lamer, Wiebke Global Campus Europe
10 August 2020 Fulfilling Urban Poor Women’s Rights During Pandemic: Case of Indonesia Savirani, Amalinda Universitas Gadjah Mada
17 August 2020 Responding to COVID-19: The Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations Perspective Coomans, Fons Maastricht University.
24 August 2020 Human Rights Preparedness of African States for the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Appiagyei-Atua, Kwadwo University of Ghana
31 August 2020 COVID-19, ESC Rights and Societal Resilience Ulrich, George Global Campus of Human Rights
07 September 2020 The COVID-19 Crisis and International Assistance" Heintze, Hans-Joachim Ruhr University
10 September 2020 The Potential for Digital Solutions in Voter Engagement in Africa Simiyu, Marystella A. University of Pretoria
14 September 2020 Protecting People with Disabilities in the Ebbs and Flows of the COVID-19 Pandemic Broderick, Andrea Maastricht University
17 September 2020 #BuildBackBetterAfrica Adejonwo, Oluwatoyin University of Lagos
21 September 2020 The 10th Woman Vanmechelen, Koen International Artist
24 September 2020 Impact of COVID-19 on the Rights and Lives of Disabled People Living in Social Care Institutions Stefanovic, Lazar Disability Rights International
27 September 2020 Hand Washing in Kenya’s Informal Settlements and the Impact on Prevention of COVID-19 Ngao, Jacqueline HEFDC Group
01 October 2020 An International Human Rights Perspective on Elections in Times of Crisis Binder, Christina/Drnovsky, Adam Bundeswehr University/Council of Europe
08 October 2020 The 2015 European Refugee Crisis: A perspective on preparedness in text and photo Jacobi Møller, Adam EMAlumni Association
15 October 2020 The COVID-19 Health Emergency and the Right to Decent Housing in Latin America Mazzei, Hector S. Universidad Nacional de San Martín
21 October 2020 A Human Rights-Based Approach to the Next Emergency Depends on Local Preparedness Slidders, Charles EMA alum
29 October 2020 The African Commission’s Response to the COVID-19 pandemic Boshoff, Elsabe African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights
05 November 2020 COVAX, Pandemic Vaccines and Duties of International Assistance Based on Human Rights Reyniers, Philippe University of Utrecht
12 November 2020 COVID-19, Health and Human Rights: the Inter-American System’s Response Abi-Mershed, Elizabeth Washington College of Law
16 November 2020 Introducing Curated #1: Science, Human Rights and Pandemics Gomez, Veronica/Murphy, Thérèse Global Campus of Human Rights/Queen’s University Belfast
16 November 2020 Human Rights and the Ethical Conduct of Research in Emergencies: Expanding the role of duty-bearers Sekalala, Sharifah/Wright, Katharine University of Warwick/Nuffield Council on Bioethics
19 November 2020 Human Rights Between Ideology and Emancipation Mujkić, Asim Global Campus South East Europe
23 November 2020 A Very Short Introduction to General Comment No. 25 on science and economic, social and cultural rights Mancisidor, Mikel UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
26 November 2020 When You Protect Workers, You Protect Everybody: Labour and COVID-19 Reynolds, Ashley Nancy EMA alum
30 November 2020 COVID-19 and the Right to Science: ‘Opportunity born of tragedy Wyndham, Jessica M. American Association for the Advancement of Science
03 December 2020 Kenyan Evictions Violate Human Rights and the Rule of Law Ogada, Evans O. University of Nairobi
07 December 2020 Market dynamism and challenges to universality: negotiating unequal access to benefit from scientific progress Ulrich, George Global Campus of Human Rights
10 December 2020 Religion in Lockdown Lassen, Eva Maria Danish Institute for Human Rights
14 December 2020 COVID-19 recovery: A possible turning point for operationally linking science and human rights Tararas, Konstantinos UNESCO
17 December 2020 Designing a City That Belongs to All of Us Lerch, Véronique UNICEF
18 January 2021 Universities’ Role in Innovation Networks to Mitigate the Effects of COVID-19: A view from Latin America Mazzei, Hector S. Universidad Nacional de San Martín
21 January 2021 Human Rights and the Gender Digital Divide in Africa’s COVID-19 Era Johnson, Adetokunbo University of the Free State, Bloemfontein
25 January 2021 From COVID-19 to climate change: Are there lessons for a human rights approach? Jegede, Ademola Oluborode University of Venda
28 January 2021 The Plight of Filipina Domestic Workers in Times of COVID-19 Linis-Dinco, Jean University of Melbourne
04 February 2021 Fighting COVID-19: Better to do Too Much Than Too Little? Lagoutte, Stéphanie Danish Institute for Human Rights
11 February 2021 COVID-19, SDGs and Disaster Preparedness Levantino, Francesco Paolo EMA alum
15 February 2021 Human Rights Preparedness, Genetics and Pandemics Penchaszadeh, Victor Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero
18 February 2021 COVID-19: African Countries Need Internet Access Now Ilori, Tomiwa University of Pretoria
22 February 2021 COVID-19, Inequality and People on the Move Davitti, Daria Lund University
25 February 2021 Freedom of Assembly in the Time of COVID Hauser, Agata. Adam Mickiewicz University
04 March 2021 Whose Fundamental Rights? Why COVID-19 tests the foundations of constitutional democracies Dufek, Pavel Masaryk University
08 March 2021 Communication and Two-Way Engagement in Health Emergencies: Lessons from the Ebola response in West Africa Hernández, Lía LATMA Alumna
11 March 2021 Ugandan COVID-19 Response Exacerbates Violation of Sex Workers’ Socio-Economic Rights Afoyomungu, Olum Lornah Global Campus Africa Student
15 March 2021 The Covidisation of Ethics and Law Murphy, Thérèse Queen’s University Belfast
18 March 2021 Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 Remote Education Measures Failing Children with Disabilities: Potential Solutions Sibanda, Opal Masocha African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child in Lesotho
25 March 2021 In the Wrong Place, At the Wrong Time: How Bolsonaro's far-right populism drove Brazil into chaos during the COVID-19 pandemic Burkle, Eduardo EMA alum
01 April 2021 Could We Meet Online? Creative Protests During COVID-19 Buyse, Antoine Utrecht University
08 April 2021 Emergency Measures, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Face of COVID-19 Jaraczewski, Jakub Democracy Reporting International
15 April 2021 Is Mandatory Vaccination Against COVID-19 Justifiable Under the European Convention on Human Rights? Nilsson, Anna Lund University
22 April 2021 So Brazil has Closed its Land Borders: Who Cares? Vedovato, Luís Renato São Paulo Research Foundation