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Tackling Ongoing Violence and Human Rights Abuses in Post-Coup Myanmar

After the recent military takeover, Myanmar continues to suffer. Hundreds have been killed or injured, thousands have been arrested or have fled across borders while millions face shortages of food, water and medical supplies. How can the international community help?



Climate Change in Asia-Pacific: Impending dangers and possible solutions

Developing countries in Asia-Pacific, particularly the Pacific Islands, are at greatest risk from imminent climate change disaster, despite having contributed least to global warming. Industrialised nations must meet their pledges and support crucial mitigation and adaption strategies in the region.



The Plight of Asia-Pacific Migrants Stranded in Afghanistan

Nepalese and Filipino citizens are amongst those foreign nationals still trapped in Afghanistan where the Taliban seized power earlier this year, emphasising how the international community remains ill-equipped to face crises which escalate overnight, leaving the vulnerable without immediate aid.