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The Right of Children to a Healthy Environment: Intergenerational rights are children’s rights

The term ‘intergenerational equity’ relates to the rights of ‘future generations’ which is often taken to refer to those ‘yet to be born’. Child/youth climate activists are however demonstrating that present children intersect with future generations, and that intergenerational rights are children’s rights.



Climate Change in Asia-Pacific: Impending dangers and possible solutions

Developing countries in Asia-Pacific, particularly the Pacific Islands, are at greatest risk from imminent climate change disaster, despite having contributed least to global warming. Industrialised nations must meet their pledges and support crucial mitigation and adaption strategies in the region.



From COVID-19 to climate change: Are there lessons for a human rights approach?

The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are two global crises with similarities that are significant from a human rights perspective.



A post-pandemic era: Human Rights challenges for a ‘new normal’

A global pandemic such as the one we are experiencing is one of those disruptive events that can generate momentum to revisit some of our basic assumptions and to delineate creative ways to shape the future(s).