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Social Media Opened a Gateway to Traffickers During India’s Deadly Second Wave of COVID-19

Technology played a significant part in traffickers taking advantage of COVID-19's second wave in India. A number of children lost both their parents and for a few weeks, 'COVID orphan adoption' messages proliferated across social media. State institutions and civil society were unprepared for this challenge.



Assessing the Intersection Between Technology and Human Rights: Notes from a lecture by Christof Heyns

Technology is very much part of what we do. It is an integrated part of how we think today and not something that one can push away. The question is: how do we make sure that we manage it to serve our purposes from a human rights point of view?



Introducing Curated #3: Digital Technologies and Human Rights

Welcome to our third Curated series, which asks ‘Is human rights prepared for digital technologies?’ The series marks our first joint venture. It has been developed as a partnership between Human Rights Preparedness and asiablogs, and will be published in parallel by both blogs.