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Human Rights Education: A way of overcoming division?

As Nelson Mandela said: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Reshaping the Balkans’ partitioned schools to focus on inclusion and human rights could help challenge societal divisions and prejudices.



Fleeing Sri Lanka’s Economic Emergency

Sri Lanka’s financial crisis, fuelled by government mismanagement and mounting foreign debt, has led to spiralling costs, drastic shortages and violent protests, with citizens fleeing to nearby India. The international community must act to protect rights of economic refugees.



Independent Media Flee Russia to Evade Censorship Over War in Ukraine

Russia has a long history of media censorship but since invading Ukraine, state propaganda has reached enormous levels. Most independent journalists have fled the country so they can report factually on current events. Others are protesting from within.



Is Africa’s Post-COVID ‘Return to Normal’ Premature?

As we celebrate having survived COVID-19, one distinct contrast remains—vaccination levels vary widely throughout the world. While most global north countries have hit their targets, Africa lags far behind, making it too early to abandon precautionary measures.