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Economics and Human Rights Must Work Together to Protect the Most Vulnerable

Economics and human rights have never been close friends. Human rights advocates have rarely engaged with financial systems. Economists, in turn, have rarely considered human right law precepts. However, COVID-19 intensified the need for mutual co-operation to safeguard the most disadvantaged, particularly women, who have suffered disproportionate negative socio-economic impact from the pandemic.



COVID-19 Vaccine Study Highlights Importance of Sex and Gender Inclusivity in Medical Research

We need to develop a human rights-based approach to the design and conduct of science. As part of this, it is vital to include a sex/gender perspective in clinical trials and scientific studies, including in the development of new vaccines.



Consular Assistance as a Right for African Domestic Workers Distressed Abroad

The Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, recently explained the basis of an international law obligation to provide consular assistance to victims or purported victims of trafficking. This development provides clarity on the right of African women migrant domestic workers stranded abroad to demand consular assistance from their government representatives.



The Rise of Domestic Violence in Mauritius: A pandemic within the pandemic

There is a direct correlation between the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of violence against women in Mauritius. Domestic violence is a pandemic within the pandemic which often gets blurred out in discourse and policy. There is an urgent call for action to address this chaotic situation.



A Perspective on ‘Women in Global Health’: No preparedness without feminism

Women are hit particularly hard by the pandemic for a myriad of reasons. Reflecting on a webinar featuring three prominent Right Livelihood Laureates, this contribution highlights the need for embracing a feminist perspective aimed at societal transformation as a prerequisite for crisis preparedness.



The Plight of Filipina Domestic Workers in Times of COVID-19

Stories of abuse and exploitation linked to the overseas domestic-work industry have always dominated the airwaves in the Philippines. However, the global pandemic has added a new layer of ill-treatment for Filipino female domestic workers.