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Performing Music and Human Rights: A photo essay of doing arts with refugees in Greece

An artistic experience that encourages union, creativity, imagination and empathy can mitigate the impact of war. But, most importantly, it gives a friendly and safe floor for the expression of emotions, a necessity in times of emergency.



Pandemic Management During the Republic of Venice

As early as the 15th century, the Republic of Venice vigorously attempted to curb the waves of plague pandemic by utilising, among other measures, preventive healthcare. While not a precursor to the right to health, the Venetian experience is of great historical significance.



The 2015 European Refugee Crisis: A perspective on preparedness in text and photo

In 2015 a flow of migrants and refugees seemed to suddenly take Europe by surprise. It led to violations of human rights and loss of lives. What were the reasons behind and how could Europe have prepared better?