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Independent Media Flee Russia to Evade Censorship Over War in Ukraine

Russia has a long history of media censorship but since invading Ukraine, state propaganda has reached enormous levels. Most independent journalists have fled the country so they can report factually on current events. Others are protesting from within.



Green transition and First Nations’ rights in light of the drawbacks of COVID-19 intertwined with the Russian invasion of Ukraine

A human rights-based approach to development must be used when approving new extractive projects in traditional First Nations territories. It will foster meaningful participation and address inequalities stemming from resource-based development while ensuring preparedness to deal with geopolitical and health challenges.



Selective Solidarity and Discrimination in the EU Response to Refugees

European solidarity towards people fleeing the war in Ukraine exposes discriminatory treatment of other asylum seekers. The decision to activate the Temporary Protection Mechanism to provide immediate protection to Ukrainian refugees shows that when there is political will, another approach is possible.