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Low Supply and Public Mistrust Hinder COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out in Africa

While developed nations are on track in immunising their citizens against COVID-19, Africa lags far behind. The continent needs more supplies but governments and scientific institutions must try harder to dispel widespread public mistrust causing high levels of vaccine hesitancy.



Barriers to Refugee and Migrant COVID-19 Vaccination in Lebanon Persist

Lebanon’s COVID-19 national vaccination campaign, launched in February 2021, covers all residents, including refugees and migrants. Nevertheless, favouritism in the vaccine roll-out and limited access to information and resources remains a major hindrance for refugee and migrant groups.



Is Mandatory Vaccination Against COVID-19 Justifiable Under the European Convention on Human Rights?

Mandatory vaccination interferes with personal integrity but may be necessary to safeguard public health. However, states must consider all relevant factors in context and ensure such policies do not place disproportionate burdens on those hesitant about vaccination.