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‘The shadow pandemic’: the correlation of COVID-19 measures and domestic violence

Home may not be a safe place for women. This became all the more evident when domestic violence incidents soared because staying at home was imposed in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. States are obliged to protect women against their abusers during and after the crisis.



Struggle for Equality Amid Rise of Abduction for the Purpose of Forced Marriage in Post-Soviet Eurasia

Even in the 21st century, women are subject to extreme human rights abuses such as abduction for the purpose of marriage, which is still common in post-Soviet Eurasia. Better social education, political support and well-functioning legal systems are necessary to end this barbaric practice.



A Perspective on ‘Women in Global Health’: No preparedness without feminism

Women are hit particularly hard by the pandemic for a myriad of reasons. Reflecting on a webinar featuring three prominent Right Livelihood Laureates, this contribution highlights the need for embracing a feminist perspective aimed at societal transformation as a prerequisite for crisis preparedness.



Human Rights and the Gender Digital Divide in Africa’s COVID-19 Era

The emergence of coronavirus has meant an increased dependence on technology. What does this mean for gender equality and the human rights of African women with limited use and access to the internet?



Fulfilling Urban Poor Women’s Rights During COVID-19: The Case of Indonesia

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit urban poor women severely, including in Indonesia. The state as a duty-bearer with respect to human rights has struggled to assist them; more specifically, the state’s efforts in curbing the pandemic have not reached them.