A Global Network of Researchers

The Global Campus is a dynamic international network which, in extension of its educational programmes, aims to analyse and develop solutions to current challenges and disseminate knowledge about new developments in the global and regional normative architecture related to human rights and democracy.

These goals are pursued through collaborate research initiatives and targeted capacity-building courses; the collection and dissemination of publications; and our system of networking and outreach.


Name and Surname University Regional Programme Field of Research / Interests
Prof. dr. Manfred Nowak Vienna Europe Violence and Reconciliation, Corporate and Social Responsibility, anthropology, palestine, torture
Prof. dr. Veronica Gomez Buenos Aires South-East Europe LGBTQ, Corporate and Social Responsibility,democratisation, accountability, administration of justice
Prof. George Ulrich EMA/Riga Graduate School of Law Europe philosophy, history and philosophy of human rights, moral philosophy, medical ethics, professional ethics, human rights and development cooperation, human rights diplomacy, health and human rights