Policy Observatory Pilot Project

The policy observatory pilot moves from the idea of enhancing the role of EIUC and the Global Campus Regional Programmes as convener and direct consultant to local, regional, national and international organizations, as well for providing guidance and expert opinion in response to urgent human rights issues to a broader primary and secondary audience. It foresees the creation of a virtual hub, which will coordinate a team of seven researchers for the production of a set of seven different policy analyses in form of policy papers, along with their respective memos.

The main aims of this activity are as follows:

  • Producing specific policy messages to lobby and influence key stakeholders;
  • Showing responsiveness to current challenges to human rights in the different Global Campus regions and the world;
  • Tapping into the wide range of expertise within the global/regional/local networks;
  • Ensuring continuity in the engagement of the graduates and regional experts in the Global Campus by involving talented policy analysts into the project (favouring brain gain into the GC RMs networks)

The policy observatory pilot project will target primarily decision makers including local governments; parties; parties foundations; international and regional organizations such as the EU (EEAS incl. EU Delegations) and UN agencies. It will also target NGOs, think tanks, research centers, individual researchers and independent researchers.

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