Practical Information

Coming to the Monastery

How to reach Venice

From Treviso - “Antonio Canova” Airport

  • ‘ATVO’ bus direct service (blue coach) connects the airport in Treviso with Venice - P.le Roma. Journey time: approx. 70 min. (, Treviso Airport Bus Express)

From Venice - “Marco Polo” Airport

  • Alilaguna boat shuttle: blu or red line (seasonal). Direct journey from the airport to Lido, takes approx. 1 hour (
  • ACTV local bus service “Linea 5 Venezia-Aeroporto” ( or ATVO bus direct service (blue coach,, Venice Airport). Journey time: approx. 20 min. They both connect Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice-Piazzale Roma.

How to reach Lido

From Venice-main island

  • From Venice-Piazzale Roma to Lido (Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta): ‘ACTV’ public boat (vaporetto) line 5.1 or line 6. Journey time 40 min.
  • From Santa Lucia railway station to Lido (Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta): ‘ACTV’ public boat (vaporetto) line 5.1. Journey time 40 min. (

How to reach the Monastery of San Nicolò on Lido

  • By bus from Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta in Lido: take ‘ACTV’ bus line A direction Piazzale Ravà’ to the Monastery of San Nicolò (bus stop on demand: “Morandi Nicelli”. Journey time: 10 minutes; departures every 20 minutes during winter, every 10 minutes during the summer,
  • Walking From Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta it is a 15 minutes walk along the lagoon.

Transportation on the Lido and in Venice

The waterbus or “vaporetto” is the main form of transportation in Venice. If you make regular use of public means of transportation the best option for you is to purchase a Travel Card (City Pass Venezia Unica) that covers the vaporetto service in the whole city of Venice (+ islands) and the bus service on Lido.

You can buy your Venezia Unica City Pass at the ACTV Ticket Office near the vaporetto stops in Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta on Lido at the following prices:

  • € 10,00 for residents in the city of Venice
  • € 20,00 for residents of the metropolitan city of Venice (città metropolitana)
  • € 40,00 for residents of the Veneto Region
  • € 100,00 for residents outside of the Veneto Region

You will need to bring to the ticket office the following documents:

  • a valid identity document with picture + a photocopy of it
  • the ACTV form (ask for it at Global Campus Secretariat) that you need to fill in with your personal data

At this point, with your Travel Card, you can choose three options:

  • To buy a single ticket (75 min.) for the vaporetto/bus at the reduced price of €1,50 each (instead of €9,50)
  • To buy the monthly ticket for vaporettos, inclusive of buses in Venice, Lido and Mestre, tram, People Mover (shuttle service guaranteed from Tronchetto to Piazzale Roma and viceversa) at the price of €37,00 (please note that the monthly ticket is issued on the basis of the calendar month, i.e. 1-30 September). The monthly pass for students under 26 years is €25,00.
  • To buy the 10 journeys booklet (75 min. ticket) at the reduced price of €14,00

From Lido to Venice

To reach Venice (main islands) from the vaporetto stop at Santa Maria Elisabetta, you can take the following vaporettos:

  • Line 1, which will take you to San Marco (San Zaccaria stop) and up the Grand Canal through Accademia, Rialto and all the way to the railway station (Ferrovia). It is a very romantic trip, but takes a long time
  • Line 5.2 which goes around the city to Piazzale Roma and the railway station through the Giudecca Canal
  • Line 5.1 which goes round the city to the railway station and Piazzale Roma on the northern side of Venice (Ospedale, Fondamente Nove)
  • Line N which runs all night long with the same itinerary as Line 1

Please check at the Santa Maria Elisabetta vaporetto stop for further information on routes and times or visit the website:


Traditionally, the Masterini move around the Lido by bicycle. You can buy second hand or brand new bikes in these bike shops in Lido:

  • Gardin Anna Valli, Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 2/A Tel. 041 2760005
  • Tagliapietra Dario, via Marin Sanudo 16 (Sant’Antonio square) Tel. 041 5267257
  • Officina Giacomazzi, via Sandro Gallo 161/c Tel. 041 5260603
  • Lido on bike, Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta 23 Tel. 041 5268019

If interested, please hurry up! Bike shops generally want to get rid of the bikes they rented out during the Film Festival. It is worth trying to negotiate prices.


For those arriving by car, there are ferry-boats connecting the Lido to the Tronchetto station in Venice (and vice-versa). Ferry-boats leave the Lido/Tronchetto in either direction every 50 minutes and the trip takes 35 minutes.