From the outset of this project, numerous outreach activities have been conducted in cooperation with local and international partners. Their aim is to build strategic partnerships and establish the UNTL Human Rights Centre as an important stakeholder in the human rights landscape of Timor-Leste. The most notable activities include:

HRC’s extracurricular activities programme

At the same time, a high priority of this project is to provide UNTL students and grassroots activists with an opportunity to learn and exchange, as well as with a space to foster their creativity and engage socially. For this purpose the HRC’s extracurricular activities programme was launched in October 2019. It includes two main events.

  • Weekly “Human Rights Talks’’ and ‘’Human Rights & Cinema” events for UNTL students. Scheduled on alternate weeks, these events are envisioned to foster human rights values and initiate constructive debate. They will introduce the visitors to relevant issues, following the UN calendar of international days and commemorations
  • “Fridays@Human Rights Centre”, a format designed to meet the needs of small grassroots organizations and activists, which will provide them with a safe and conducive environment to hold meetings, workshops and other activities