Careers Development all around the world

The graduates emerging from the Global Campus Regional Programmes - thanks to the education and training received - become human rights experts actively working for universal human rights and democracy in all corners of the planet. Alumni from the Global Campus can be found almost everywhere.

From the classic human rights capitals of the world to remote areas reached by field missions and development cooperation projects. These are crucial human resources at a time when our world is confronted with an increasing number of global crises and human rights challenges.

GC Internship

Global Internship Programme

The Global Campus provides to its Alumni the opportunity to spend up to six months in one institution, agency, international organisation and NGO, and gain a unique professional and networking experience.

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Alumni Associations' activities

After graduation, Alumni from each Regional Programme remain actively engaged in their regional networks through the Alumni Associations, that form part of a global professional network under the umbrella of the Global Campus Alumni Association (GCA). The GCA facilitates career development, links Alumni with mentors in the professional world and offers a useful platform for networking, sharing professional experience and lessons learnt in the area of human rights and democratisation.

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 alumni associations