GCA Mentoring Programme

You know that often it’s not the answers but the questions which make you grow. That’s what the Global Campus Alumni (GCA) Mentoring Programme is about. It connects alumni one-on-one for support, advice and the exchange of fresh ideas. Since 2012, over 250 people have participated and benefited from the experience, as mentors and mentees.

If you need guidance on your professional and personal choices, if you’d like to build on your coaching skills, or support fellow alumni to fulfil their potential, register as a Mentor or Mentee in the GCA Mentoring Programme.

Who can participate?

Any professional with relevant background and an interest in human rights can become a Mentor, but you have to be a Global Campus Alumni (GCA) to become a Mentee. The Global Campus Mentoring Programme is free for participants and is coordinated by the GCA Mentoring Task Force, composed by members of the different GCA regional Associations.

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