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Online access to human rights courses, trainings, modules and materials is key to fostering a global community of learning and practice whose members are not only aware of their rights, but also able to develop wider and comparative understanding.

E-learning is helpful to identify and share good practices and to encourage the use of skills and knowledge in the working and living environments of participants. We offer such wider, comparative and practice-oriented e-learning experiences through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), online courses and blended courses.

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With contributions by academic and experts from all the regions of the world, our Massive Open Online Courses provide free and open access to highly qualified learning on topical human rights concerns. Generally based on 6-8 weeks of active learning through readings, videos, podcasts, discussions, webinars and quizzes, our MOOCs build on a participatory approach aimed at reinforcing personal critical reflection and peer-to-peer learning. Case studies are often used to identify cross-regional and cross-cutting issues and enable a multidimensional understanding of practical application.

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Online Courses

The unique features of our online courses are a worldwide network of universities, a multidisciplinary outlook and the combination between theory and practice. Participants can therefore benefit from global expertise and examples, comparative perspectives, broader and more varied content for a comprehensive learning experience. Our online courses are offered to smaller classes of selected participants (max 30) on the basis of a fee that includes access to readings, videos, discussions, presentations and webinars; regular interaction with lecturers and experts; personalised feedback on exercises and essays; a certificate of completion.

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Blended Courses

Courses that combine face-to-face classes with online components often facilitate a more personalised learning experience and the development of larger targeted networks. Our blended courses build on decades of experience with successful on-campus Master’s Programmes and are enriched by the latest developments in our e-learning activities. Blended courses are often useful for preparation for our on-campus trainings and Master’s programme.

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