Course dates:

From 19 February to 24 March 2024

Free enrolment until 8 March 2024

Course Outline

The course encompasses 5 weeks with approximately 25-30 hours of active learning. It will include video lectures, readings, peer-to-peer learning through discussions and webinars as well as knowledge checks with polls and quizzes, all aimed at developing and reinforcing personal critical reflection. Case studies will focus on examples and current debates from different regions and countries in the world.


Module 1 - Education as a right for children

  • 1

    19-25 February 2024

    Education as an enabling right and multiplier

    Farida Shaheed, UNSR on the Right to Education (TBC)
    Elin Martínez, Human Rights Watch
    Hewad Alikhil, GCAlumnus

  • 2

    26 February-3 March 2024

    Education in situations of armed conflict

    Bede Sheppard, Human Rights Watch
    Yevgen Gerasymenko, GC Caucasus
    Sergey Ghazinyan, GC Caucasus
    John Paul Amah, GC HQ and GCAlumnus

Module 2 - Protecting the right to education of children in armed conflict

  • 3

    4-10 March 2024

    Facing violations during armed conflict

    Barbara Strasser, Global Campus of Human Rights
    Siraj H Khan, Education Above All
    Hala Shoaibi, GC Arab World (TBC)
    Alisina Saeed, GCAlumnus

  • 4

    11-17 March 2024

    Minimising risks and maximising protection

    Dean Brooks and Ariel Solari, INEE
    Ilwad Elman, Right Livelihood Laureate 2022 (TBC)
    Delphine Dorsi, Right to Education Initiative – Live webinar

Module 3 - The way forward

  • 5

    18-24 March 2024

    Possible solutions to protect the right to education during armed conflict

    Delphine Dorsi, Right to Education Initiative
    Apolline Montoya, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA)