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Each of the courses last 5 weeks with the possibility of complementing your knowledge by the 1-week long Crash course on the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Participants are expected to engage in 35-40 hours of active learning for each of the courses, using a variety of means: videos, texts, visual aids and podcasts. Each week concludes with a small ‘Check your knowledge!’ challenge and the entire course finishes with a Quiz.

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    Crash course on application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (1 week)

    - Substantive and procedural aspects of engaging with the EU Charter
    - Scope of application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
    - Overview of case law
    - Online tools
    - Judicial interaction techniques

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    Freedom of expression (5 weeks)

    - Manifestations and limitations of freedom of expression online
    - Freedom of expression online
    - Freedom of expression vis-à-vis data protection & copyright
    - Impact of new technologies (new media&AI) on freedom of expression

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    Social rights (5 weeks)

    - The history of social rights protection in the EU
    - The manifestations and protection of social rights in EU
    - Distinction between rights and principles
    - European Social Charter
    - European Social Pillar

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    Children’s rights (5 weeks)

    - "Best interests of the child” under the EU and international law
    - The role of the EU Charter in ensuring best interests of the child
    - Protection of the children in the context of the EU citizenship and migration rules (incl. asylum)
    - Protection of children’s in the context of judicial cooperation on civil matters

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    Data protection (5 weeks)

    - Legal basics (GDPR; CFR; ECHR)
    - Basic concepts & data subjects’ rights
    - Administrative and judicial remedies
    - Conflicts between data protection and other rights

  • 5

    Asylum and Immigration Detention: the Protection of Fundamental Rights in the European Union (5 weeks)

    - Basic Concepts Decisive for the Detention Decisions in Asylum Matters
    - Grounds for Detention and Judicial Authorities
    - Remedies and Alternatives to Detention
    - Vulnerable Groups and Trafficking in Human Beings
    - Enforcement of the Charter-Based Fundamental Rights in the Context of Detention