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20 January – 1 March 2020

Lecurers and Experts

The Global Campus of Regional Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation (Global Campus of Human Rights) is a unique network of more than a hundred universities around the world with the overall aim of educating human rights defenders committed to upholding the universal values of human rights and democracy.

Reflecting this international spirit and multidimensional approach, the course is taught by academics and experts drawn from all regions of the world and a cross-section of constituencies, enabling participants to benefit from rich and varied competences, experiences and knowledge.


Victor Madrigal Borloz - Global Campus

UN Independent Expert on Violence and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Victor Madrigal Borloz

Victor Madrigal-Borloz is the United Nations Independent Expert on Violence and Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and the Secretary-General of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims.

He was a member of the UN Subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture from 2013 to 2016, and prior to this, he led technical work on numerous cases, reports and testimonies as Head of Litigation and Head of the Registry at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. He has also worked at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (San José, Costa Rica). Mr Madrigal-Borloz is a founding member of the Costa Rican Association of International Law (ACODI), a founding and current Board member of the International Justice Resource Centre (IJRC), and a founding and current Board member of Synergia-IDH. He speaks Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.


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Douglas Sanders - Global Campus

Academic Associate, Institute of Human Rights, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Douglas Sanders

Douglas Sanders is Academic Associate at the Institute of Human Rights at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. He is Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, and Emeritus Visiting Professor, Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

He is a Canadian citizen, resident in Thailand since 2003, and active in the South East Asia Human Rights Network as well as ASLI, the annual conference of Asian law schools. He is widely published on issues of indigenous and tribal peoples as well as LGBTI rights.


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Nele Verbrugghe - Global Campus

PhD researcher at the Leuven Centre for Public Law (University of Leuven, Belgium)

Nele Verbrugghe

Nele Verbrugghe is a PhD researcher at the Leuven Centre for Public Law (University of Leuven, Belgium), and teaches human rights law both in Leuven and at Hasselt University (Belgium).

She holds a Master degree in Law from the University of Leuven (2014) and studied at Melbourne Law School (Australia) in 2012. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the relationship between the Common European Asylum System and the European Convention on Human Rights, and in that context she has worked as a visiting researcher at the Global Campus of Human Rights (Venice, Italy).

She was also a member of the Scientific and Ethics Committee in the ‘Access to Justice for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities’ project, coordinated the ‘Human Rights and Ethics’ summer school in cooperation with Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) for a number of years, and is a recurring visiting lecturer in the Advanced Human Rights Course on Sexual Minority Rights at the University of Pretoria (South Africa).


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Frans Viljoen - Global Campus

Director of the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria

Frans Viljoen

Frans Viljoen is currently the Director of the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria and Vice-President of the Global Campus of Human Rights. He is also the Academic coordinator for the LLM (Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa) and was previously a professor of law in the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria.

He holds the following degrees: LLD (Pretoria), LLM (Cantabury) and LLB (Pretoria). Prof. Viljoen is acknowleged as an internationally recognised researcher (National Research Foundation, SA).

He has also won the award for Exceptional Achiever at the University of Pretoria. He is the editor of the African Human Rights Law Reports, the African Human Rights Law Journal and the Global Campus Human Rights Journal. Prof. Viljoen has numerous publications in his name and vast experience in organizing moot court competitions.

In this respect, he has been involved in the African Human Rights Moot Court Competition since 1992 being responsible for setting the moot court problem each year and organizing the one-day seminars that take place each year at the Moot.


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Carlos Zelada - Global Campus

Head of the Academic Department of Law at Universidad del Pacífico

Carlos Zelada

Carlos J. Zelada is Chair of the Academic Department of Law at the Universidad del Pacífico where he teaches International and Human Rights Law. He is a graduate (Abogado) from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2001) and he holds a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School (2004).

He is a member of the Global Campus Council as well as of the Scientific Committee of LATMA, on behalf of the Universidad del Pacifico, and a Professor at the GC Master’s in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean offered by the Centre for Political Studies at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (CIEP-UNSAM) in Argentina.

Professor Zelada’s research uses interdisciplinary materials from Sociology, History and Social Theory to explore issues of development and structural discrimination. He has been particularly committed to the study of the legal regulation of hate speech and sexuality, with a special focus on ethnic/race, sexual orientation and gender identity.


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Mamikon Hovsepyan - Global Campus

Executive Director, Pink Armenia

Mamikon Hovsepyan

Mamikon is a LGBT activist and a Human Rights Defender living and working in Armenia. He started his activism in 2002 and founded Pink Armenia in 2007, the leading LGBT organization in the country. Currently the Executive Director of Pink Armenia, Mamikon advocates LGBT community empowerment, human rights protections on national and international levels.

In 2018 he was elected as a president of Human Rights House Yerevan. Mamikon holds a degree in sociology, and a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democratization.

He specializes in health, human rights, and gender issues. Mamikon has been recognized by Frontline Defenders (Dublin) as a Human Rights Defender. In 2017 he received a Bob Hepple Equality Award for his work in advancing LGBT rights in Armenia. In June 2018 he received a Changemaker award in Los Angeles, California and in July he received a Soul of Stonewall Award in Berlin during the Christopher Street Day events.


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Goran Miletić - Global Campus

Director for Europe at Civil Rights Defenders

Goran Miletić

Goran Miletić, Director for Europe at Civil Rights Defenders, has a Master of Laws from Belgrade University (Serbia) and a European Regional MA in Democracy and Human Rights.

He has previously worked for the Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC) in Belgrade (Serbia). During his work in HLC, Mr. Miletić dealt mainly with minority rights, including Roma, Albanians and Bosniaks.

Mr. Miletić started working for Civil Rights Defenders in 2004 as Programme Officer and later Human Rights Lawyer. Between 2011 and 2016, he was its Programme Director for the Western Balkans. Since 2016, Mr. Miletic is Director for Europe at Civil Rights Defenders.

In 2010, Mr. Miletić was a candidate for the Equality Commissioner in Serbia. He is member of European Commission of Sexual Orientation Law (ECSOL). At the moment, he is finalizing his PhD thesis at Law School University Union, Belgrade, on the subject of discrimination in civil proceedings.


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Marta Ramos  - Global Campus

Executive Director of Associação ILGA Portugal

Marta Ramos

Marta Ramos holds a degree in Law and is an EMA Graduate in Human Rights and Democratisation with a thesis topic on legal gender recognition and parenting rights.

She is currently the Executive Director of Associação ILGA Portugal, the largest and oldest LGBTI organisation in Portugal. Marta has previously worked in the office of Thomas Hammarberg, former Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, for a Portuguese Member of the European Parliament and in the Portuguese Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.

She is a member of Associação ILGA Portugal since 2011, where she has developed specific work and expertise in the area of combating and raising awareness on anti-LGBTI hate crimes, particularly through the implementation of the projects Observatory on Discrimination and UNI-FORM.


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Tarek Zeidan - Global Campus

Director, Helem; MPA, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Tarek Zeidan

Tarek is a sexual and bodily rights activist from Beirut, Lebanon advocating for the rights and protection of LGBT individuals and groups in the MENA region and is the director of Helem, the first LGBT rights organization in the Arab World.

Tarek has previously worked as director of communications and strategic planning for the MENA region in both the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He obtained his MALD in international security studies from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, and his MPA in human rights law and advocacy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Tarek is a board member of the Legal Agenda, an ELI Fellow at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership and an Emerging Human Rights Fellow with the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard.


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Gabriel Alves de Faria - Global Campus

Founder and director of Not Only Voices

Gabriel Alves de Faria

Gabriel is a Brazilian lawyer, a human rights specialist and an LGBTI activist. He holds a law degree from the Federal University of Espirito Santo, a European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA/Global Campus of Human Rights - Utrecht University), and an LLM from the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.

Gabriel currently works as human rights consultant and Secretary-General of the EMAlumni Association in Brussels. Among previous roles, he has held positions as an intern at the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) in Geneva; as a Researcher in Comparative Sexual Orientation Law at Leiden University in the Netherlands; as a Legal Fellow and consultant lawyer at the LGBTI Rapporteurship of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington DC; and most recently as an Interim Field Coordinator and Human Rights Officer at the United Nations' Peacekeeping Mission (MONUSCO) in the DR Congo. He has volunteered for Amnesty International in Ireland and COC in Amsterdam.

Gabriel won the AIESEC Brazil Alumnus Peace Prize in 2017 and is a Human Rights Campaign's Global Innovator.


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Joseph Aoun - Global Campus

Human Rights Defender and LGBTQI+ rights activist from Lebanon, EP Sakharov Fellow

Joseph Aoun

Joseph is an activist from Lebanon who worked mainly on managing safe spaces, including Helem's community center, out of belief in grassroots work, empowering people and impacting future change.

Currently pursuing a masters in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies in the International Institute for Social Studies - The Hague, his aim is to build on his experience and invest it in policy making and advocacy for human rights and bodily rights.


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Heidi Hautala - Global Campus

MEP, Vice-President of the European Parliament

Heidi Hautala

Heidi Hautala has been elected to the European Parliament for a third time in the 2014-2019 term. She was formerly an MEP from 1995-2003 and 2009-2011. She is the only Finn to have chaired a European Parliament political group or committee.

As chair of the Parliament’s subcommittee on human tights she had the opportunity to influence the human rights situation. In Finland, she was the minister for international development from June 2011 to October 2013.

She was responsible for development cooperation in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and for state ownership steering in the Prime Minister’s Office. She sat as a member of the Finnish Parliament from 1991-1995 and 2003-2009, and chaired its legal affairs committee from 2007-2009. She served as a member of the Helsinki City Council 1985-1994 and 2008-2014. Her particular specialist areas are human rights, transparency, global justice and environmentally responsible legislation.


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Yasemin Öz - Global Campus

Co-Founder of Kaos GL Association in Turkey, EP Sakharov Fellow

Yasemin Öz

Yasemin Öz was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1997. She has been one of the co-founders of Kaos Gay and Lesbian Association in 1995 and currently chair of the organization.

She is a human rights defender, feminist and LGBTIQ+ activist for 24 years. She has actively worked in women organizations dealing with domestic and sexual violence, trafficking and supporting women candidates.

She joined ECSOL (European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law) in 2010. She received the Felipa de Souza Award of IGLHRC (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission based in New York) in 2013.

She was selected to UN Women ECACSAG (Europe and Central Asia Civil Society Advisory Group) in 2015 and to UN Women LGBTI Informal Reference Group in 2017. She was accepted to the Sakharov Fellowship of European Parliament in 2018.


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The MOOC has been developed by Global Campus of Human Rights in coordination with Nele Verbrugghe and her colleagues at KU Leuven.

Marie Bourguignon - Global Campus

PhD researcher

Marie Bourguignon

Marie Bourguignon obtained a Master degree in Law, in Journalism and a certificate in Economic and Social Ethics at the Université catholique de Louvain

She is now a PhD researcher at the Leuven Centre for Public Law (University of Leuven, Belgium). Her research focuses on the access to law in multilingual environments.

Her teaching activities mainly concern freedom of expression, cultural rights and sexual minority rights. In 2018, she taught a guest lecture on ‘Sexual Minority Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights’ at the University of Pretoria (South Africa).


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Marike Lefevre   - Global Campus

PhD researcher

Marike Lefevre

Marike Lefevre is a PhD researcher and teaching assistant at the Leuven Centre for Public Law (University of Leuven, Belgium), specializing in human rights law. She is preparing a PhD on “Popular Culture on Trial: European Human Rights as Agents of Cultural Change or Conservation?”.

Her research focuses mainly on the tension between freedom of expression and the prohibition of discrimination, in all its forms. Previously, she worked as a policy advisor at the Flemish League for Human Rights in Belgium (Liga voor Mensenrechten).

For several years, she worked as an attorney at law at the Bar of Brussels and Leuven. Additionally, Marike is appointed as a board-member and secretary general of the study center for Military Law and the Law of War. Likewise, she served as a board-member of Amnesty International Vlaanderen for several years, for which she still is an enthusiast activist.


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Johan Lievens  - Global Campus

Assistant Professor in Constitutional Law at the VU Amsterdam

Johan Lievens

Johan Lievens is an Assistant Professor in Constitutional Law at the VU Amsterdam and an affiliated researcher at the Leuven Centre for Public Law (University of Leuven, Belgium).

He holds a Master degree in Law from University of Leuven (2013), an LL.M. from Harvard Law School (2016, Fulbright and Frank Boas Scholarships) and a PhD in Law (University of Leuven, 2018).

His research focuses on constitutional law, fundamental rights and education. He is a contributing editor of Tijdschrift voor Bestuurswetenschappen en Publiekrecht (TBP), a leading Belgian journal on public law and governance. At the University of Leuven, he participates in the classes of Discrimination Law and Human Rights with guest lectures on LGBTI+ matters.


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Louise Reyntjens - Global Campus

PhD researcher

Louise Reyntjens

Louise Reyntjens is a PhD researcher and teaching assistant at the Leuven Centre for Public Law (University of Leuven, Belgium), specializing in human rights law. She obtained her Master of Law at the University of Leuven in July 2017.

Since October 2017 she is preparing a PhD on the use of migration law in the context of terrorism in the European Union. Additionally, she is a board-member of Committee T, which analyzes legal measures taken in the fight against terrorism in Belgium. She is also an editor for the Flemish Journal of Human Rights (Tijdschrift voor Mensenrechten).


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