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From June 2020

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The MOOC is organised and managed by the Global Campus of Human Rights (GC), a unique network of more than a hundred universities around the world aiming to educate human rights defenders committed to upholding the universal values of human rights and democracy. Designed in cooperation with the Coordinators of the 7 Regional Master’s Programmes of the GC, the MOOC offers a wealth of specialised knowledge and expertise. Indeed, the course is taught by the following academics and experts drawn from all regions of the world, enabling participants to benefit from rich and varied competences:

Yousra Abourabi - Global Campus

Université Internationale de Rabat

Yousra Abourabi

Yousra Abourabi is a doctor in political science from the University of Lyon Jean Moulin. Her thesis, defended in 2016, focused on African politics in Morocco.

After teaching at the University of Lyon 3, she joined the UIR. As an assistant professor at Sciences po Rabat, she teaches political science, international relations and African governance.

As a researcher associated with LEPOSHS, she is interested in diplomatic issues and sectoral cooperation (climate, migration, gender) in Africa. She recently published a book on "Morocco" by De Boeck editions.


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Bencharat Chua - Global Campus

Mahidol University, Bangkok

Bencharat Chua

Bencharat Sae Chua is a lecturer at the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand, where she also serves as the academic coordinator of APMA.

Before joining Mahidol University, Bencharat worked with non-governmental organizations in Thailand and still keeps her engagement with grassroot social movements.

Her research interest is on the culture of human rights, social movements, and citizenship rights. With the recent political conflicts in Thailand, she also focuses on the contention over the meaning of democracy and human rights, and the state of human rights in authoritarian regimes.


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Veronica Gomez - Global Campus

University of San Martin, Buenos Aires

Veronica Gomez

Veronica Gomez is the current Global Campus President. She is the Co-Director of the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Latin America and the Caribbean (LATMA).

Her professional path includes her role as Principal Specialist at the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights of the Organisation of American States in Washington (1998-2009) and as a Senior Advisor on Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina (2010-2011).


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Felipe Gomez Isa - Global Campus

University of Deusto, Bilbao

Felipe Gomez Isa

Felipe Gómez Isa is Professor of Public International Law and researcher at the Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights of the University of Deusto (Bilbao, The Basque Country, Spain).

He was Spanish Representative before the UN open-ended working group for the adoption of the Optional Protocol to CEDAW. He has been Director of the UN Fellowship Programme for Human Rights Education to Latin American indigenous peoples. He has published extensively on issues such as international protection of human rights, transitional justice or indigenous peoples' rights. He is National Director of the EMA and Vice-Dean for International Relations of Deusto Law School.



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Asim Mujkić - Global Campus

University of Sarajevo

Asim Mujkić

Co-Director of the ERMA Program and a full professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo teaching Philosophy; and Ethics and the Political Elites.

He has published five books and more than 80 scientific articles in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad amongst which: Short History of Pragmatism (2005); We, the citizens of the Ethno polis (2007), and Justice and Ethno-nationalism (2010).

Professor Mujkić is also the President of the Association of Political Sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007) and Vice-Editor in Chief of the Review for Art, Science and Social Issues “Echo”. From 2003-2005 he has been the Head of the Department of Sociology and from 2005-2011, a Pro-Dean for Student Education at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo.


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Dr. Wiebke Lamer - Global Campus

GC Headquarters

Manfred Nowak

Manfred Nowak is Professor of International Law and Human Rights at Vienna University and Director of the Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights. He has been appointed as Secretary General of the GC/EIUC in January 2016.

He served in various expert functions, such as UN expert on enforced disappearances (1993-2006), UN Special Rapporteur on Torture (2004-2010), judge at the Human Rights Chamber for Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996-2003) and Vice Chairperson of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (2013-2018). In 2016 he was appointed Independent Expert leading the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty.

He was Director of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University (SIM: 1987-1989) and of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights at Vienna University (BIM: 1992-2019) as well as Visiting Professor at the University of Lund (2002-2003), the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (2008-2009), and at Stanford University in Palo Alto (2014).

He is author of more than 600 publications in the fields of public and international law and human rights.


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Dr. Catherine Lowry-O’Neill - Global Campus

University of Graz

Gerd Oberleitner

Gerd Oberleitner is UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Human Security, Professor of International Law, and Director of the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy at the University of Graz.

He worked in the Office of the Legal Advisor of the Austrian Foreign Ministry and in Austrian development co-operation and was Lecturer at LSE’s Centre for the Study of Human Rights. He was Visiting Professor at the European Inter-University Centre Venice, the Université du Quebéc à Montréal, the Universities of Prishtina and Ljubljana, Rutgers University, and DAAD Visiting Professor at the University of Bochum.

He teaches in the Global Campus of Human Rights and is co-editor of the European Yearbook of Human Rights and the publication series Human Rights Go Local/. Recent publications include Human Rights in Armed Conflict - Law, Practice, Policy (CUP 2015), Blurring Boundaries - Human Security and Migration (Brill 2017) and International Human Rights Institutions, Tribunals and Courts (Springer 2018).


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Angela Melchiorre - Global Campus

Mahidol University, Bangkok

Sriprapha Petcharamesree

Sriprapha Petcharamesree is a lecturer at the Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand. She was appointed by the Thai Government the Thai representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights where she was serving between October 2009 and December 2012.

Her research and expertise focus on human rights, ASEAN/Southeast Asian studies, migration, including statelessness and citizenship, business and human rights, and international relations.


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Prof. George Ulrich - Global Campus

GC Headquarters

George Ulrich

Prof. George Ulrich is the Program Director of the European Master in Human Rights and Democratization (EMA).

Prof. George Ulrich has worked for the Global Campus in a variety of capacities. He served as GC Europe/EMA Programme Director from 2016-2019, as Secretary General of EIUC (the predecessor of the Global Campus) from 2003-2009, and as Academic Coordinator/Programme Director of EMA from 2001- 2004.

In between these appointments, he held the position of Rector and Professor of Human Rights at the Riga Graduate School of Law from 2009-2016.

George obtained his Ph.D. as well as an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, Canada, and holds the degree of Cand. Mag. in Social Anthropology and History of Ideas from Aarhus University, Denmark.

Among his main research interests are issues related to the history and philosophy of human rights, human rights diplomacy, human rights and development cooperation, health and human rights, international medical ethics, and ethics for human rights professionals.

He is one of the joint editors of a Global Campus publication on music and human rights. A key focus of his teaching is to equip students to effectively engage with expressions of human rights scepticism.


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Frans Viljoen - Global Campus

University of Pretoria

Frans Viljoen

Prof. Frans Viljoen is the Director of the Centre for Human Rights in the Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria.

His area of research is regional human rights protection, with particular emphasis on the African Union human rights standards, institutions and processes within their socio-economic and political context.

He is the author of International human rights law in Africa, which is one of the leading texts on the African human rights system. In 2000, he became the founding editor of the leading journal on human rights in Africa, the African Human Rights Law Journal, and has since then served as editor-in-chief for this publication.

Since 2017 he has been serving as founding editor of the African Human Rights Yearbook and the Global Campus Human Rights Journal.

He has served as visiting professor at several universities worldwide. Frans leads a number of teams that supported aspects of the mandate for special mechanisms of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.


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