First Round Deadline:

29 February 2024

Second Round Deadline:

7 May 2024


The programme is organised into four thematic streams providing foundational and specialisation courses in each area of focus: Human Rights, Democratic Governance, the Arab World and Human Rights Skills.
Courses are structured to provide students with theoretical grounding, practical insights and a critical perspective.

Thematic Stream 1: Human Rights: Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural

The first stream is composed of three foundational courses and four specialisation courses in Human Rights that integrate universal and regional perspectives. Foundational courses provide students with solid basis in International Law, Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law. Specialisation courses allow students to delve into specific issues in Human Rights such as forced migration, gender, criminal prosection and transitional justice.

  • International Law and Human Rights
  • Human Rights in Armed Conflict
  • International Human Rights law and Protection Mechanisms
  • International Criminal Prosecution and Transitional Justice
  • Vulnerable Persons and Groups Human Rights
  • Refugees, Migration and Mobility Rights
  • Gender Policies and Women’s Rights

Thematic Stream 2: Democratic Governance and the Rule of Law

The second stream explores the contemporary challenges that democracies and democratic consolidation face, using a multidisciplinary perspective: historical, socio-economic, institutional and constitutional. Its six courses delve into these challenges from multiple levels: local, national, regional and global.

  • Comparative Constitutional Systems
  • Legacy of Colonialism
  • Public Policy & Human Rights
  • Politics of Globalisation
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Democratisation and Liberalisation

Thematic Stream 3: Contemporary dynamics in the Arab World

The third stream provides insights on the region’s social, cultural and political dynamics while exploring concepts and methodologies belonging to different disciplines: Philosophy and Political theory, Geopolitics and International Relations, Political Sociology and Comparative Politics

  • Democracy and Human Rights in the MENA
  • Geopolitics of the MENA
  • Political Sociology of the Arab World
  • Arab Political Thought
  • Political Parties and Pressure Groups in the MENA
  • Transition Processes in the MENA

Thematic Stream 4: Applied Human Rights: Research and Professional Skills

The fourth stream adopts a more practical approach. It aims to develop students' professional skills by providing them with a large set of tools crucial for Human Rights research and intervention.

  • Applied Research in Democracy and Human Rights
  • Human Rights Project: Design, Implementation and Assessment
  • Legal Anthropology of Human Rights
  • Human Rights Laboratory
  • Internships