First Round Deadline:

29 February 2024

Second Round Deadline:

7 May 2024

Lecturers and Staff

Karim Bitar - Global Campus

Programme Director

Sami Nader

Sami Nader is the Director of the Institute of Political Science at Saint Joseph University. He is an economist, Middle Eastern affairs analyst and communications expert with extensive expertise in corporate strategy and risk management.

He currently directs the Levant Institute for Strategic Affairs, focusing on the economics and geopolitics of the Levant.


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Jihad Nammour - Global Campus

Academic Coordinator

Jihad Nammour

Jihad Nammour is ARMA Academic Coordinator. He is lecturer at the Institute of Political Sciences. Legal theory and Political sociology are his areas of study.

Jihad holds a DEA in Law and Political Science from Saint Joseph University.

His latest research focuses on forced migration. He develops educational programmes within several Lebanese NGOs, including Sakker el Dekkene and Peace Initiatives.


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Mayada Abdallah - Global Campus

Senior Project Officer

Mayada Abdallah

Mayada Abdallah is ARMA Senior Project Officer. Her academic background is in Political Science; she holds a Master’s degree in International Cooperation.


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Our international academic staff brings together professors, experts and practitioners from over 10 countries and eager to share with students their knowledge, professional experience and expertise.