Application deadline:

23 July 2023

Admission requirements

The Programme is open to all interested applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized higher education institution. In case if applicant has not yet received diploma, they should provide documentation stating indicative date for receiving degree/ diploma from the institution and transcript of grades;
  • Equally fluent in English and Russian;
  • Have Professional and/or research interest in human rights and democratisation issues.

Please note, that applicants with academic and/or professional experience in above mentioned fields will have advantage.

How to apply

The Application for the programme should be submitted online within indicated period. Alongside with the Application form, prospective students are required to submit necessary documents for application package. Before applying please make sure that you have prepared all necessary documents beforehand.

  • Completed Application Form (online, available at: )
  • A full Curriculum Vita (Europass CV available at:, and scanned copy of passport
  • Motivation Letter (max 450-600 words) or/either in English and Russian, where the first one will reflect applicant’s motivation to apply while the second one should concentrate on
  • Scholarship motivation letter (max. 500 words)
  • Essay (min. 750-1000 words) on Human Rights and Democratization related topics (more detailed information concerning the essay topics and requirements can be found in the section “Essay”)
  • Contact details for two nominees to provide Reference Letters (one from academia, and one from a current or former employer, if the applicant has work experience)
  • Scanned University Diploma or Diplomas (please not in specific cases, postgraduate department might require translation of the documents into Armenian, about which applicants will be notified in advance)
  • Academic Transcripts (please not in specific cases, postgraduate department might require translation of the documents into Armenian, about which applicants will be notified in advance).

Additionally, those who have taken English language proficiency tests may indicate the score and include Certificate(s).

Admission timetable

The Enrollment shall be undertaken in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 - Submission of Application and Required Documents -May 15, 2019 – June 30, 2019
  • Stage 2 - Evaluation of applications and interviews with shortlisted candidates – July 3-25, 2019*
  • Stage 3 - Official Invitation – end of July – August 10, 2019

We encourage all applicants to apply as early as possible.

* Please note that interviews with applicants from partner counties (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, and Ukraine) might take place in their countries or via Skype interviews. In case if applicant is unable to participate in an interview, a phone call can be arranged. if a shortlisted applicant is outside of partner countries, they will be interviewed via phone call or Skype interview.

Selection criteria

A selection panel will review all applications and evaluate them against the following selection criteria:

  • Academic merit (Educational background, CV)
  • Motivation: Interest in human rights and democratization issues
  • Experience in relevant fields.
  • Commitment to idea of voluntarism and social involvement
  • Provided written paper

All successful candidates will be shortlisted and invited for interviews.


The Regional Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus has up to 25 full scholarships which cover tuition, travel expenses (to/from home country to Armenia, to/from home country to partner country and thesis defense travel) and provides monthly stipend. Scholarships will be provided only to non-resident students, studying in countries other than their country of residency.

The programme also offers admission with partial scholarship and with no scholarship.

For more information regarding scholarship conditions please contact project staff.