Application deadline:

28 June 2024

Master's Programme FAQ's

Who can apply?

Candidates holding Bachelors’ degree in any undergraduate programme and are interested in majoring in human rights, democracy building, and democratisation may apply for the Human Rights and Democratisation Master Programme. The programme has no age limitations. International students are most welcome to study at the Centre for European Studies.

How many credits will I have by the end of the academic programme?

Human Rights and Democratisation MA programme includes both compulsory and elective courses. The whole programme comprises a total of 60 credits, including Master’s thesis amounting 14 credits. The teaching staff involves most prominent professionals of the field at all partner countries. A number of visiting scholars is foreseen to be invited.

Is the study part-time or full-time?

Human Rights and Democratisation MA programme is full-time.

Does the programme require internship?

Yes, internship is compulsory part of the curriculum. All students are required to conduct 4-6-week full-time or 6-8 week part-time internship at any organisation that deals with Human rights and Democratisation. More details regarding regulations and conditions will be provided in Student Guidebook.

Can I still apply for the programme if I finished my coursework but have not yet received diploma?

All candidates, who are expected to receive their official diplomas (though they have already finished coursework) by the start of the programme in September 23 are welcome to apply. They need to provide the Admissions committee with official letter from the university together with transcript. Copies of official diploma and transcript are to be sent to the committee as soon as they are received.

What are the working languages of the course?

English is the official working languages of the Regional Master’s Programme. Russian can also be used in some cases.

Is there any tuition fee?

Yes, there is. Tuition fee differs based on applicant’s country of residence. For more information please refer to

Does HR&D offer any scholarship?

Yes, a certain number of students can benefit from full or partial scholarships. They can include monthly stipend, tuition fee, and travel expenses. Scholarship form and details will be communicated to accepted applicants in invitation letter.

Is there any specific form for recommendation letter?

No, there is no specific form. Applicants need to mention contact details of references. References need to be written on letterhead and sent to the Admissions Committee to

Do the references have to be written in English, or should they be translated?

No, the letters can be written either in English or Russian. In case if they are written in other languages, official translation needs to be included.