Deadline for non-EU
and scholarship applicants:

13 February 2023

Deadline for EU
and self-funded applicants:

18 April 2023


Our campus (Monastery of San Nicolò) is located in Venice Lido, Riviera San Nicolò 26. Finding an apartment on Lido is the best option if you want to live at walking or bike-riding distance from the school. The island is quite small and the monastery is reachable with (max.) a 30-minute bus ride. You can also consider expanding your search to Venice centre: the closest or best-connected neighbourhoods are Sant’Elena, Giardini and Castello. If you choose to live in Venice, please be aware that you will have to take the waterbus (vaporetto) every day.

The process of finding an apartment of a room can often be difficult. We recommend you start the research well ahead of time.

The responsibility for finding accommodation rests with students. However, the EMA Secretariat provides some assistance in this regard, by sharing information and details about available apartments together with other useful links for independent house hunting. These housing opportunities are by no means managed or guaranteed by the EMA Secretariat.

Rent and cost of living in Venice

Depending on the choice of accommodation, the anticipated rent per each student could range from a minimum of €250 (for a shared room) to a maximum of €800 (apartment) per month, with utilities and condominium expenses ranging from €85 to €250 per month.  Based on previous experience, the minimum total costs, which EMA students should foresee to cover can be estimated at approximately €850 per month. In the second semester, costs vary depending on the destination.

Public Transport in Venice

Venice’s public transportation system is run by ACTV. The waterbus or “vaporetto” is the main form of transportation in Venice. A vaporetto single ticket costs €9.50. If you make regular use of public means of transportation, the best option for you is to purchase a Travel Card (CITY PASS VENEZIA UNICA), on to which you can charge monthly passes or discounted tickets. The card covers the whole city of Venice (+ islands and mainland) and the bus service on Lido.

Fares and conditions for students under 26:

Costs: Venezia Unica card – €10

For the first month only, you will have to charge the card with one monthly student pass (€25). Single ticket: €1.50; 10-ticket carnet: €14; Alilaguna (water shuttle to Venice airport) €8.

Fares and conditions for students over 26:

Costs: Venezia Unica card – €10

Monthly pass: €37; single ticket: €1.50; 10-ticket carnet: €14; Alilaguna (water shuttle to Venice airport) €8.

For both under and over 26:

Validity: The card will expire when your study programme ends.

Where to buy it: ACTV ticket office at Santa Maria Elisabetta waterbus stop, Venice Lido.

Documents required: Passport size photo, ID or passport, certificate of enrolment delivered by the EMA Secretariat, ACTV forms filled in and signed.

Apply for a residence permit if you are a non-EU student

Within 8 working days of their arrival in Italy, all non-EU citizens who hold a valid student visa for Italy must apply for a permit of stay for study purposes (Permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio).

The permit of stay is issued by the local police department (Questura - Ufficio Stranieri) of Venice. However, you must submit your residence permit through the post office. The application kit is available at all the post offices bearing a “Sportello Amico” sign, but will also be given to you during the registration days preceding the beginning of each semester. Please ask the EMA Secretariat for further information