Deadline for non-EU
and scholarship applicants:

12 February 2024

Deadline for EU
and self-funded applicants:

16 April 2024


The EMA Team is pleased to welcome you to the EMA Programme, where theoretical human rights insight meets practical experience.

Throughout this year, you will be part of a diverse student group from different academic backgrounds and representing different parts of Europe and the world, together working towards becoming human rights professionals.

As you embark on this exciting and enriching year, we will find useful information on these pages and on our e-learning platform BlackBoard.

Academic Calendar 2023/2024





Introductory learning materials circulated

12-13 Sept

Arrival in Lido and Registration

14-15 Sept

Orientation (mandatory)

18-22 Sept

Introduction week

22 Sept

EMA Universities Fair: Universities provide information about second semester

24 Sept

Graduation and Opening Ceremony

25 Sept - 25 Oct

Thematic Section 1

14 Oct

Moot Court

23 Oct

Study Day (no classes)

24 Oct

Thematic Section 1: Exam

26-27 Oct

Skill Building Activities

30 Oct-3 Nov

Thematic Section 2

6 Nov

Students submit second semester thesis proposals

6-17 Nov

Thematic Section 3


20 Nov

Thematic Section 2: Submission of essay

20 Nov – 3 Dec

Thematic Section 4


1-3 Dec

Thematic Sections 3 & 4: 48h take-home exam

1 Dec

EMA Executive Committee decides on Second Semester Distribution

4 Dec-16 Jan

Thematic Section 5

6-8 Dec

Kosovo Orientation (mandatory)

8-9 Dec

Human Rights Film Festival (student-led)

22 Dec-7 Jan

Holiday break

8 Jan

TS1 Re-sit Exam

18-25 Jan 

Kosovo field trip

29 Jan

Kosovo de-briefing and presentation of group reports

2 Feb

Re-sit exams/Exam Commission finalizes marks

2 Feb

Announcement of overall first semester marks

5 Feb-15 July

Second semester

14 July (TBC)

Thesis deadline

28 Sept (TBC)

Thesis defenses

29 Sept (TBC)

Graduation ceremony