Deadline for EU
and self-funded applicants:

19 April 2021

Deadline for non-EU
and scholarship applicants:

15 Februrary 2021


The EMA Team is pleased to welcome you to the EMA Programme, where theoretical human rights insight meets practical experience.

Throughout this year, you will be part of a diverse student group from different academic backgrounds and representing different parts of Europe and the world, together working towards becoming human rights professionals.

As you embark on this exciting and enriching year, we will find useful information on these pages and on our e-learning platform Canvas.

Academic Calendar


Dates Academic Programme

July/August 2020

Introductory learning materials will be circulated

15-16 September 2020

Arrival in Venice-Lido

17-18 September 2020


21 Sept – 18 Dec 2020

Courses and exams

4 October 2020

Graduation and Opening Ceremony

12-13 December 2020

Human Rights Film Festival (student-led)

19 Dec 2020 – 3 Jan 2021

Holiday break

4-15 January 2021

Courses and exams

18-26 January 2021 (tbc)

Field trip to Kosovo

5 February 2021

Announcement of overall semester results

1 Feb – 31 July 2021

Second semester in one of the EMA participating universities

15 July 2021

Thesis deadline

2 October 2021 (tbc)

Thesis defences

3 October 2021 (tbc)

Graduation ceremony