Second Round Deadline:

30 March 2020

Extended Deadline:

12 May 2020

× The Global Campus is mindful of how the COVID-19 pandemic is causing major disruptions to our lives, both professional and personal. While we are moving forward as planned with the organisation of the 2020/2021 EMA Programme at this moment in time, we have extended the application deadline. We will accept applications until 12 May, but please note that these applications will not be eligible for financial aid because of the lack of sufficient processing time.


After successfully passing exams and completing a master’s thesis, students will be awarded the Diploma of the “European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation” jointly conferred by those universities of the GC/EMA network that have ratified the Joint Degree Agreement (the so-called “Inner Circle Universities”). For the academic year 2020/2021 these universities include:

  • University of Graz, University of Padua, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice for students enrolled in EMA with 180 ECTS;
  • University of Graz, Ruhr-University Bochum, University of Hamburg, University of Padua, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, University of Ljubljana, University of Deusto Bilbao for students enrolled in EMA with 240 ECTS.

EMA is a joint Programme, which was developed in the spirit of the European Higher Education Area. The “Inner Circle Universities” together with GC (which takes care of the administrative aspects) have signed, in addition to the Joint Degree Agreement, an annexed Protocol regulating its provision and implementation procedure. The issuing of a joint degree implies the highest level of academic cooperation, meaning that students are enrolled by all relevant universities at the same time – with the University of Padua acting as the University of First Enrolment.

The national equivalent value attributed to the EMA Joint Programme varies among the Inner Circle Universities as follows:

  • for the Italian universities (Padua, and Ca’ Foscari University Venice) the EMA Degree corresponds to a “Master Universitario di primo livello” (see DM 270/2004);
  • for Ruhr-University Bochum the EMA Degree corresponds to a Master’s title as envisaged by par. 66, Hochschulgesetz (HG) 16.9.2014;
  • for the University of Deusto – Bilbao the EMA Degree corresponds to a “Título de Máster” recognised by the Real Decreto 1393/2007 de 29 de octubre;
  • for the University of Graz the EMA Degree corresponds to the title recognised by the UG 2002 (BGB1 n. 120/2002);
  • for Hamburg University the EMA Degree corresponds to a “Master of Peace and Security Studies” (MPS) as foreseen by the 1 Abs. 2 Ordnung für den postgradualen Studiengang;
  • for the University of Ljubljana, the EMA Degree corresponds to »magistrski št. druge st., mag. člov. prav. in demo. according to the Odločba Sveta NAKVIS št. 6034-46/2015/15.