Second Round Deadline:

25 March 2019

Extended Deadline:

15 April 2019

EMA is open to EU and non-EU citizens.

The criteria used during the selection process are:

  • academic ability and background
  • experience
  • language competence
  • motivation

Academic requirements

Applicants are required to hold a university degree of a high standard in a field relevant to human rights, including disciplines in Law, Social Sciences and Humanities, and must have a minimum of 180 ECTS (Bachelor/General Degree).

Candidatures can be considered as long as the applicant has obtained a degree corresponding to:

  • 180 ECTS credits (generally a 3-year course) or
  • 240 ECTS credits (generally a 4-year course) or
  • A combination of a degree of 180 ECTS and relevant proven additional experience or studies (such as 1-year MA or summer courses)

Applicants completing the degree entry requirements subsequently to the application deadline are requested to provide a current transcript of exams. Eventual admission into the Programme will be conditional upon receipt of documentation of the completed degree (by 31 August 2019).

All selected candidates who hold a non-EU degree are required to produce upon admission a “declaration of value” of their degree. Non-EU candidates are moreover required to obtain a study visa which must cover the entire duration of the academic year (September 2019 – September 2020). Both the study visa and the “declaration of value” are preconditions for enrolment and should be requested from the competent Italian Embassy or representation offices.

Additional studies and experience

Additional studies and practical experience in the area of human rights in inter-governmental, governmental, or non-governmental organisations are helpful.

Language competence

Certified fluency in English is an admission requirement to the programme. While not a prerequisite, the ability to understand lectures and read academic texts in French is a definite advantage for participation in the programme.

Fees and Expenses


The tuition fee for the academic year 2019/2020 is €5500 (plus enrolment fee of €150). Tuition fees cover the following: all courses of the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation, both in the first and second semester; reading materials for the first semester; tutoring, access to EIUC’s specialised library; individual access to our closed e-learning environment; use of available IT facilities (including wireless area and computer room), and the field trip.* 

Successful applicants will receive a letter of admission and will be requested to pay the fees upon acceptance of the offer. Payments can be made via bank transfer in one of the following ways:

  • full amount within 2-4 weeks from the date of the letter of admission;
  • two instalments: the first within 2-4 weeks from the date of the letter of admission and the second at a specified later date, typically early or mid-July.

All applicants are requested to pay an application processing fee of €50 before submitting their application.


Students bear the responsibility to cover their full living and housing expenses prior to their arrival in Venice (estimated at a minimum of €850 per month).


Students are responsible for their own accommodation during both the first semester in Venice and the second semester at the hosting university.

The EMA Office is available to provide advice and suggestions for accommodation. See these useful links for independent house hunting. Depending on the choice of accommodation, the anticipated rent per each student could range from a minimum of €300 to a maximum of €700 per month, with utilities and condominium expenses ranging from €85 to €250 per month. 

For the second semester, EMA students carry the responsibility for all accommodation arrangements. Accommodation costs vary depending on the second semester destination, due to the differences in the cost of living in different European countries.

* The annual field trip is subject to final confirmation and availability of budgetary resources.