Deadline for EU
and self-funded applicants:

19 April 2022

Deadline for non-EU
and scholarship applicants:

14 Februrary 2022

Fees and Expenses

The tuition fee for the academic year 2022/2023 is 5650.00€, payable in two instalments.

Tuition fees cover all EMA courses, both in the first and second semester; reading materials for the first semester; tutoring; access to Global Campus' specialised library; lunch on class and exam days; individual access to our e-learning platform; use of available IT facilities (including wireless area and computer room), and the field trip (subject to final budgetary approval and the pandemic situation).

The tuition fee does not cover accommodation and subsistence, travel costs to and from partner universities and visa expenses.

Successful applicants will receive a letter of admission and will be requested to pay the fees upon acceptance of the offer. Payments can be made via bank transfer in one of the following ways:

  • Full amount within 3 weeks from the date of the letter of admission
  • Two installments: the first within 3 weeks from the date of the letter of admission and the second at a specified later date.


The Global Campus of Human Rights does not provide full scholarships. Only a very limited number of students may be granted modest financial support in the form of a partial contribution towards living expenses and/or a full or partial tuition waiver. Candidates may apply for financial assistance by 14 February 2022, by motivating their request in the application form. Funding applications are considered with reference to financial need and geographical distribution of support given. Subject to funding, one scholarship may be available with the support of Right Livelihood to prospective students with an interest in children’s rights.

The Global Campus of Human Rights reserves the right to determine the amount of each contribution and the awarding criteria.


Students bear the responsibility to cover their full living and housing expenses in Venice (estimated at a minimum of €850 per month). For the second semester, EMA students carry the responsibility for all accommodation arrangements. Accommodation costs vary depending on the second semester destination, due to the differences in the cost of living in different European countries.