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16 July 2023

Jorge Taiana - Global Campus

Director General

Jorge Taiana

Jorge E. Taiana holds a degree in Sociology (UBA). Professor at the University of San Martin (UNSAM).

Between 1996 and 2001 he was the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC. After that, he served as Secretary of Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Between 2005 and 2010 he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Commerce and Worship of Argentina. In 2015 he was elected to the Parliament of MERCOSUR and he chaired that body during 2016.

He has shared his expertise in international affairs in numerous conferences and publications around the world. He has also been distinguished and decorated by several countries and institutions.



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Veronica Gomez

Director of Research, Education and Communication

Verónica Gómez

Veronica Gomez holds a degree in International Law (UBA) and an LLM (Nottingham). She is a Professor at the University of San Martin (UNSAM).

Between 1998 and 2009 she was a Principal Specialist at the Executive Secretariat of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) of the OAS in Washington DC. She has litigated numeros cases before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights as Legal Advisor for the petitioners and the IACHR and she currently chairs a human rights arbitration panel.

She has been a Senior Advisor at the Human Rights Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Argentina on matters relating to the UN Human Rights Council. She has drafted numerous human rights reports endorsed by international bodies. She has been Global Campus Chairperson since 2015.



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Marina Pecar - Global Campus

Director of Management and Planning

Marina Pecar

Marina Pecar holds a MSc. in Mathematics, a Master´s in Economics and post graduate studies in Finance.

She is a Government Economist experienced in international, bilateral and multilateral cooperation and management of international grants.

Until 2011 she was responsible for EU and Ibero-America cooperation and was the Director of the EU Political Dialogues Support Programme and the Spanish-Argentine Program on Governance and Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.



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Diego Lopez - Global Campus

Academic Coordinator

Diego López

Diego Lopez holds a degree in Political Sciences (UBA). He has been a researcher at the Instituto Latinoamericano sobre Seguridad y Democracia (ILSED), the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET), the Gino Germani Institute (IIGG - UBA).

His research focus is on political theory and philosophy and he also has wide experience on applied research and the use of qualitative and quantitative methodology for the collection, systematization and analysis of data.

He has experience in advising and evaluating projects relating to good practices in the area of public and civil society assistance to vulnerable communities, with an interdisciplinary approach.



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Claudia Couso - Global Campus

Publications and Networking Coordinator

Claudia Couso

Claudia Couso holds a degree in Political Sciences (UBA) and a Master´s in Scientific Research Methodology (National University of Entre Rios).

She is a PhD candidate in social sciences (UBA). She is a Lecturer at UBA´s Social Sciences School and at UNSAM´s School of Politics and Government.

Her research focus is epistemology, research methodology and social movements.



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Ezequiel Fernandez Bravo - Global Campus

Master’s Tutor

Ezequiel Fernández Bravo

Ezequiel Fernández holds a degree in Anthropology (UBA), a degree in Journalism (TEA) and is a graduate of the Master´s in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAT.MA).

He is a PhD candidate in Social Anthropology (UNSAM). He is a Lecturer at the Torcuato Di Tella University.

His research focus is anthropology of the State, public policies and human rights and human mobility.



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Felipe Wunder - Global Campus

Research assistant

Felipe Wunder

Felipe Wunder holds a degree in International Relations (Catholic University of Brasilia) and is a graduate of the Master´s in Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAT.MA).

He has worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

His research focus is human mobility, specifically in forced migration and human trafficking in Brazil.



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Rocio Puente de Diego - Global Campus

Web designer assistant

Rocío Puente de Diego

Rocío Puente de Diego is pursuing a university degree in Image and Sound Design (UBA).

She has a special interest and work experience in artistic, documentary and fashion photography.

She has been a cinematographer and cameraperson in a number of independent short films.



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Jorge Migliore - Global Campus

Administration and Finance Coordinator

Jorge Migliore

Jorge Migliore holds a degree in Economics (UBA).

He has extensive professional experience in the private and public sectors, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

His main expertise is in the application of standards and procedures for the execution of international cooperation projects granted by the UNDP, IDB, World Bank and the European Commission.



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Melina García Bartolini - Global Campus

Administrative Technicians

Melina García Bartolini

Melina García Bartolini holds a degree in Public Accountancy (UBA).

She has extensive experience in the public and private sectors.

Her main expertise is the development and design of procedures for the acquisition of goods and services, their analysis, control in accordance with the applicable regulatory framework, and accounting.

Assistants contact:


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