Global Campus Summer Schools

The Global Campus's Summers Schools are thought to give you the best international, multicultural and qualified classes in the fields of Human Rights and Democratisation.

You will learn and deepen your knowledge about these themes thank to targeted lessons taught by international experts working for majors International Organisations and NGOs

Summer School

9 – 16 March 2024

Venice School for Human Rights Defenders

Human rights defenders play an essential role in the realisation of rights and promotion of equality. Not only do they fight for human rights in situations of oppression and abuse; they also act as monitors, drawing attention both to their respective communities and to the international community to otherwise neglected violations and threats.


Summer School

26 August — 4 September 2024

Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy

The 19th edition of the Summer School in Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy is a training initiative jointly developed by GC and Picture People. The School is aimed at participants wishing to broaden their understanding on the connections between human rights, films, digital media and video advocacy; share ideas and foster participatory and critical thinking on urgent human rights issues; debate with experts and filmmakers from across the world during the 81st Venice International Film Festival; and learn how to use films as a tool for social and cultural change.


Summer School

2 - 7 July 2018

Venice Academy of Human Rights

The Venice Academy of Human Rights is an international and interdisciplinary programme of excellence for human rights education, research and debate. It provides an enriching forum for emerging ideas, practices and policy options in the field of human rights. The Academy hosts distinguished experts to promote critical and useful research and innovation through the exchange of current knowledge.