Support the people of Timor Leste: An announcement from the Global Campus of Human Rights on the recent floods

As the largest global network of universities involved in human rights education, with a presence in Timor-Leste, the Global Campus of Human Rights wishes to express its solidarity with the people and institutions of Timor-Leste, recently hit by a devastating flood.


This dramatic event has caused extensive damages throughout the country, and claimed the lives of many, including several children, while the count of displaced people is above 10,000.


This disaster is happening at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak is peaking. As a least developed country, the people of Timor-Leste face increasing social and economic insecurity, particularly women, children, and students.


The Global Campus and its Asia Pacific Programme feel particularly close to the students, lecturers, and staff of the local universities and education community.


We are relieved to know that our staff and trainees are safe. Though we are lucky that the premises of the UNTL Human Rights Centre are not affected, there are many others being heavily damaged. In a country where nearly half of the population is under the age of 18, this flood can have long term consequences for education.


Several relief initiatives have been set up by civil society groups, prominent public figures, and reputable humanitarian organizations. These are addressing the urgent needs in the capital Dili and in the districts. We warmly invite the members of our academic network, our partners, and friends to consider supporting these campaigns:



Veronica Gomez, President, Global Campus of Human Rights (University of San Martin, Argentina)


Manfred Nowak, Secretary General, Global Campus of Human Rights (Headquarters, Italy)


Michael Hayes, Director, Global Campus Asia-Pacific Programme (Mahidol University, Thailand)


Adriano Remiddi, Project Manager, Global Campus of Human Rights (UNTL, Timor-Leste)




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