Call for Applications: Fully Funded Cross-regional PhD in Children’s Rights


The Global Campus of Human Rights is a network of over 100 universities with 7 dedicated programmes across the world promoting human rights and democratisation.


This large network is comprised of seven regional hubs, whose keys actors are:


  • the Headquarters of the Global Campus in Venice , which coordinates the overall network and manages the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA/GC Europe);
  • the Universities of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Bologna (Italy), jointly responsible for coordinating the European Regional Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (ERMA/GC South East Europe);
  • the University of Pretoria (South Africa), coordinating the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa (HRDA/GC Africa);
  • the University of Mahidol (Bangkok, Thailand), which coordinates the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Asia-Pacific region (APMA/GC Asia-Pacific);
  • the State University of Yerevan (Armenia), which coordinates the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus (CES/GC Caucasus);
  • the University of San Martin (Buenos Aires, Argentina), responsible for coordinating the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Latin American and the Caribbean (LATMA/GC Latina America and Caribbean);
  • the University of Saint Joseph (Beirut, Lebanon), coordinating the Arab Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights (ARMA/GC Arab World).

Since 2019, the Global Campus of Human Rights has been working in close cooperation with the Right Livelihood Foundation with the intention to promote children’s rights worldwide. A primary goal of the cooperation is to contribute to the development of non-traditional and innovative ways to approach children’s rights through research, education and advocacy. The cooperation specifically encourages engagement with critical perspectives, movement building and the creation of sustainable multipliers for children’s rights across our networks. Additionally, all our activities are designed to foster cross-regional ownership of the cooperating institutions’ vision (for more on the Vision, click here). The Cross-regional PhD Scholarship in Children’s Rights has been established to support post-graduate research according to the objectives of the cooperation briefly summarised above.


The selected candidate will be awarded with a full-scholarship covering a PhD programme of at most 4-years. The scholarship includes a total of €58.000 for living expenses. It also foresees €4.000 as a travelling stipend as well as an additional €12.000 for tuition fees.


We invite applications for this fully funded scholarship from any of our Global Campus Alumni.



  • The topic of study has to be in children’s rights.
  • The candidate needs to enrol in one of the partner universities of the Global Campus (host university, i.e. the university where the candidate is enrolled). For a list of all the participating universities, please go to the following page on our website .
  • The candidate must fulfil all admission and course criteria of the host university.
  • The candidate must have 300 ECTS upon application.
  • When applying, the candidate must already have identified the host university and department (Note: the PhD will be awarded by the host university and not by the Global Campus of Human Rights).
  • The application should also indicate who his/her supervisor will be at the host university.
  • During the course the PhD, the candidate is expected to visit at least two additional regional programmes. In consultation with the selected cooperating university/ies in the relevant(visited) region/s, the candidate will be required to add value to the respective courses by contributing to the teaching, research and/or child rights activities of the (visited) university/ies.Theseregionalvisits can also be combined with the needs of the candidate’s empirical research. The visiting experiencecan be done at any university within the Global Campus network or at any of the Right Livelihood Colleges.
  • The selected candidate and his/her supervisor will be required to submit one progress report per annum, which will be presented to the GS-RLF Steering Group each April of each year.
  • The candidate must be an alumna/alumnus of one of the regional Master programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights.


The Application

Please ensure that the following elements are included in your application:


  • Motivation letter
  • Title of research
  • Area of children’s rights to be focused on
  • Research proposal
  • Indicate if your project includes empirical research in any of the GC regions
  • Indicate if your research is interdisciplinary in nature
  • Institutional home, department and supervisor
  • CV

We kindly ask you to send your application to the Secretary General of the Global Campus, Professor Manfred Nowak (, as well as to the Global Campus’ Academic Director, Professor George Ulrich ( and its Children’s Right Project Manager, Dr Reina-Marie Loader (


Deadline for Applications: 11 August 2020

You will be notified if you have been shortlisted for an interview (at the end of August 2020).

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