Call for Entries: Migrants and Community Action

Global Campus is pleased to announce a GC Photography Competition on the theme “Migrants and community action”, a new activity in the field of human rights and visual arts that underlines the important role of cultural creativity.

We are all, individually and collectively “custodians of human rights”, to borrow the words of the EIUC Honorary President and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson. While allowing large diversity in perspectives, the competition creates a space to put forward photographs by and of all those working with human rights – be they government officials, judges, members for international and non-governmental organisations, volunteers or activists, students or citizens defending, exercising or promoting their rights.

The photographs and impressions should illustrate in various ways efforts to realise human rights and allow viewers to creatively reflect on ways forward. This endeavor will find a particular echo and relevance as human rights implementation remains an important priority due to what happens worldwide. The objective of this Global Campus initiative consists in expanding activities in the field of representation on the theme of “Migrants and community action”, and it is also intended to raise awareness on migrants’ rights and cooperation between people. We want to demonstrate how collaboration, participation and trust can build and strengthen the community.

The deadline for entries is the 7thJuly 2014, h 23:59 (Time Zone: Rome, RM – Italy)

Please enter and select "REGISTER" from the lower menu on the left of the website.
There is no entrance fee.


  • Current students of the Regional Master's Programmes in Human Rights and Democratisation (GC Students)
  • Alumni of the Regional Master's Programmes in Human Rights and Democratisation

Jury & selection
The contest jury comprises members with widely divergent backgrounds:

  • Gianpaolo Arena, photographer and editor of Landscape Stories, a contemporary photography international magazine, whose main research field focuses on the relationship between the varied identities that belong and characterise places and people.
  • Valentina Abita, Project Manager of the Global Campus
  • Laura Pasquero, Representative of the GC Alumni Association
  • Elisa Calore, GC Web Development & Communication Officer

The jury acts independently of EIUC and the institution has no influence on its decisions.

The selection will take place on July and if your pictures are awarded or selected for the exhibition, you will receive an email in few days.

All selected photos will be published on EIUC website and on the printed catalogue of the contest. Furthermore, they will be showed during an exhibition at the EIUC premises, in Venice in September and at two potential exhibitions around Europe (Brussels and Strasbourg).

Award & prize
Awards will be given to the three best pictures, to encourage the submission of striking images as well as in-depth photography. Every picture will represent an issue, situation or event on the topic of “Migrants and community action”.

The first prize consists of the participation in one of the next trainings organised by EIUC which you are more interested in. The second and third prizes consist of a copy of the printed catalogue of the competition.
The prizewinning photos will be presented at the Opening Ceremony of the European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Venice in September 2014.

A selection of the shortlisted photographs will be presented at an international touring exhibition, starting from Venice. Every participant can submit only one photo, and every submission must be accompanied by a justification explaining the representation of the topic “Migrants and community action”.

General rules

  • The theme of the competition is “Migrants and community action”.
  • Prize is awarded for the three best single pictures.
  • The number of images submitted by one participant is restricted to one.

All entries must be accompanied by:

  • a short bio of the photographer;
  • a description (maximum 100 words in English) of the submitted material that explains the representation of “Migrants and community action”, a caption to include the subject, date and location;
  • a signed copy of the licence form;
  • a signed copy of the privacy form.

Eligibility and participation
This is an amateur photography competition. Nevertheless, if the person complying with the eligibility criteria works as a young professional photographer, he/she will not be excluded.

The competition is open to current students and Alumni of the Regional Masters Programmes in Human Rights and Democratisation.

By “student” we mean any person currently enrolled in an undergraduate, post-graduate or doctoral course of the participating universities. The participant status must be established by giving a reference (detailed of a person or copy of an official document of a university or academic institution).

To comply with Italian privacy laws, participants must agree on EIUC handling their personal data and publishing their original material. Participants will be the 100% owners and creators of all photos they submit and must guarantee they are not committing copyright infringement.

How to subscribe
Entries can only be uploaded by registered members online to our server as indicated on website from the 30/06/2014 (See the "REGISTER" menu).
Entries submitted by e-mail or regular post will not be accepted.

The closing date for the EIUC photo competition “Migrants and community action” is 07.07.2014
(h 23:59 Rome Time Zone, Italy)
All entries must have been uploaded by this date.

The winners will be contacted immediately once the results of the competition have been announced.
He/she will be requested to submit reproduction quality material.

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