Ceremony for the Awarding of Diplomas of the “European Master in Human Rights and Democratisation” Academic year 2019/2020

The Ceremony of the Awarding of Diplomas of the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA, Global Campus Europe) for the academic year 2019/2020 and inauguration of the 24th course, academic year 2020/2021, will be held on Sunday 4 October at 16.00 at Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice (also available in live streaming in the Global Campus social media channels).

Welcoming the graduates, students, professors and partner organisations will be Manfred Nowak, Secretary General of the Global Campus of Human Rights.

The keynote speaker will be the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Fabio Massimo Castaldo MEP, and the Ceremony will be accompanied by the notes of Interpreti Veneziani.

The Ceremony will mark an important moment of recognition and sharing of the accomplishments of the Global Campus of Human Rights, the network composed by 100 universities worldwide specialised on human rights education, from which EMA is an important part. Participating in the Ceremony will be the representatives of the partner universities; the rectors and professors of the EMA participating universities; the representatives of some among the international organisations and local government authorities which actively cooperate with the programme: the European Union - the main supporting institution of the Global Campus of Human Rights– the Municipality of Venice, UNESCO, Mouth Foundation, CoE, Berengo Foundation, and others.

An important moment of the Ceremony will be again the EMAlumni Award 2020 which will be introduced by Adam Jacobi Moller, new President of the EMAlumni Association, to the winner of this year: Laura Pasquero.

The artist Koen Vanmechelen and Fondazione Berengo generously donated an artwork by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen to the 2020 EMAlumni Activism Prize winner. The award is a glass sculpture entitled “Collective Memory”.

Illustrations of the Italian artist and activist, Gianluca Costantini, of very important international Human Rights Defenders will be exhibited during the event to highlight the importance of the Human Rights Education with a call to support our institution. And some will be related to the #FreePatrickZaky campaign in Italy.

During the ceremony, every measure for the prevention related to Covid-19 will be taken by all of the participants respecting the Italian health regulations.


“The challenges you will face from tomorrow onwards are many, and therefore if you are to address them, we need not only courageous activists but also courageous and brave and fearless institutions. Institutions are rightly been asked to demonstrate courage at least equal to that shown by human rights activists and defenders.” Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Vice Presidente del Parlamento Europeo

I would like to address with these few lines my congratulations to the students who received today an important recognition, the degree of the European Master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation. Promoting a culture of human rights and peace is a goal for every individual. Peace is a universal concept that belongs to all peoples and nations of the world, and is realised starting from the right to life, the unquestionable freedoms of expression, thought, conscience and religion.” Luca Zaia, President of Regione del Veneto

“I hope that this letter of mine will be able to convey to you all the esteem that I have for the Global Campus of Human Rights and for the many young people who, thanks to this master’s degree, are provided with an irreplaceable opportunity for growth. […] Be happy, be free, be open minded, be carriers of values, innovation and peaceful rebellion against those who would like to clip the wings of your enthusiasm and skills! Congratulation again to all of you, to the Secretary General Manfred Nowak, to all the teachers and to all those who make your education and training possible. Here the future is built. Venice will always be on your side, to support your merit and your commitment.” Luigi Brugnaro, Mayor of the City of Venice

“The Global Campus of Human Rights is a prominent post-graduate institution concerning education on human rights issues, and one of the leading projects of the European Union’s development policies. Even in times of Covid-19, the students of the Master in Venice, as well as the students of the 6 Masters’ programmes in the world, can keep on counting on receiving a targeted education, allowing them to work as human rights experts.” Manfred Nowak, Secretary General of the Global Campus of Human Rights

“As an institution which strongly contributes in the promotion of human rights, the Global Campus of Human Rights aims to open up to a new season in which the connection with the territory of Venice and Regione del Veneto will assume growing importance. We will be promoters of the universal democratic values, in dialogue with local entities. Indeed, every day each and every one of us faces challenges linked to freedom of expression, protection of the environment, of public health and of the right to education. We believe that all the cities which host us, Venice, Buenos Aires, Pretoria, Bangkok, Yerevan, Beirut, Sarajevo and Bologna could become hubs of human rights education and an excellent investment for the future.” Elisabetta Noli, Administrative Director of the Global Campus of Human Rights

(Picture taken before Covid-19 at the EMA Graduation Ceremony of 2019).

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