Contract signed for the Global Campus, the new global human rights network supported by the EU

Last 16 May 2012 Prof. Horst Fischer, EIUC President and Chair of the Global Campus of Master’s Programmes and Diplomas in Human Rights and Democratisation, signed the contract for this new global human rights network supported by the EU.

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Signature of the contract by Prof. Fischer

Such successful outcome (the signature of this contract) is the achievement of the cross continental, cross institutional and cross disciplinary work of some very committed people under the lead of the EIUC President.

“I know our shared convictions will lead us into a unique global connectivity supported by the EU and the colleagues in DEVCO, the EEAS, the Council and Parliament.” stated Prof. Fischer.

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Satisfaction expressed by Mr. Thomas HUYGHEBAERT (Head of Sector – Democracy, at DG DEVCO - D1)
and Mr. George DURA (Programme Manager - EU Policies, Democracy, at DG DEVCO – D1)
after the signature of the contract.

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