Eighth Issue of the Global Campus of Human Rights Magazine

Following the success of many important activities of our network, the Global Campus of Human Rights published the eighth edition of its seasonal Magazine in English and Italian.

This promotional publication is structured in the following sections:

  • Interviews by the Press Office and Contributions;
  • News and Events of the Global Campus of Human Rights at local and international level.
  • Promotion campaigns to raise awareness of our impact and attract more supporters.

“ Since its inauguration in 1997, more than 2000 EMA Masterini have graduated in Venice and work as human rights professionals, activists and defenders in governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, the corporate sector and academia, where they spread the message of human rights as our EMAlumni and EMAmbassadors to all corners of our planet. Jessica Fiorelli, EMA graduate of 2016 and newly elected President of the EMAlumni Association, shares in her interview her belief in the power of the EMA and Global Campus Alumni community to make positive change in our societies. In times of growing economic inequality, climate disaster, disinformation and a brutal war in Europe, such positive visions of young change makers are most encouraging. Next year, we will commemorate 75 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 30 years of the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights. It is indeed high time for a radical change in our current world order of insecurity and destabilisation. The Global Campus of Human Rights with its seven regional Master programmes as the world’s largest university network of post graduate human rights education is prepared to actively contribute to this urgently needed change towards a new world order based on peace, global justice, democracy, the rule of law, sustainable development and universal human rights, including rights of future generations and rights of nature.” GC Secretary General Manfred Nowak

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For more information, contact our Press and Fundraising Offices:

Elisa Aquino – Isotta Esposito – Giulia Ballarin

pressoffice@gchumanrights.org - communications@gchumanrights.org




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