EIUC Assembly meeting - 27 November 2005

The annual EIUC Assembly meeting held on 27 November 2005 was chaired by the EIUC President, Prof. Horst Fischer and attended by the representatives of 29 out of the 33 universities composing the Centre.
Invited to attend the meeting were also the few professors belonging to the E.MA universities which have not yet completed the process of accession to EIUC, as well as the EIUC Auditor, Dott. David De Filippis.

The Assembly meeting was mainly articulated in three parts:

  • first part dedicated to the reporting on the part of the EIUC President and Secretary General on the outcome of the cycle coinciding with the period August 2004 - July 2005. At the conclusion of the reporting and following further clarifications provided by the EIUC Financial Manager, Dott. Luca Fantinel, the Assembly adopted at unanimity the balance sheet and the income and expenditure statement 2004/2005;
  • a second part dedicated to a general update on the management of EIUC finances and activities related to the ongoing period (cycle 2005/2006);
  • a third part dedicated to the approval of the general directions for the annual programme and budget 2006/2007. The discussion in the Assembly focused moreover on the strategy of the Centre in view of securing financial resources for the period 2007-2013.


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