The Expert Network Database is a new tool developed by EIUC in order to:

  • allow EIUC academics, experts and E.MA graduates to upload their profiles and CVs which will be stored in the database;
  • give human rights organisations and institutions the opportunity to search for experts to be involved in their projects and activities.


EIUC is responsible for the management of the Expert Network Database and in doing that, it guarantees the respect of user's privacy, in accordance with Italian law.

How to use the database

Instructions to users:

  • Access the EIUC expert database directly from the EIUC homepage or using the link present on the EMAlumni Association website;
  • Register by filling in the on-line form;
  • Upon registration, you will automatically receive an e-mail giving you a login and password;
  • Using the given login and password, you will be able to enter a reserved area and to upload your profile, by completing an on-line form;
  • Once completed the form, click on the "Submit profile" icon;
  • The completed form will be sent to the EIUC Expert Network Database administrator;
  • He/she will validate the profile;
  • He/she will send you an e-mail informing you on whether your profile has been approved or not;
  • In future you may be proposed for involvement in professional opportunities;
  • Your profile will be stored in the EIUC Expert database and will be forwarded to external organisations only with your consent;
  • You will be able to modify your profile in future, by entering the reserved area using the given login and password.


For all users: click  here  to register.

to External organisations:

  • Ask to EIUC the authorisation to search the database by filling in this form or contacting directly EIUC by fax;
  • EIUC will provide you with a login and password;
  • Access the EIUC expert database directly from the EIUC homepage entering your given User ID and password;
  • Use the "search engine" to look for profiles that encounter your interest;
  • Do your search by selecting one of the options under the research fields:  "Academic Background", "General Expertise", "Regional Expertise", "Practical Experience", and "Languages".
  • You will be able to identify profiles matching your request;
  • Profiles will be identified only with an ID number  which you will report to EIUC;
  • EIUC will then contact persons corresponding to the ID numbers and seek their authorisation to forward their full personal information to you;
  • Eventually, you will be able to complete the procedure and contact the identified person for involvement in activities in the field of democratisation and human rights.


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