E.MA looks for Bulgarian and Romanian Universities

Call for Applications from Bulgarian and Romanian Universities for participation in the European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation.

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation, E.MA (http://www.emahumanrights.org), is organised by the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation, EIUC (www.eiuc.org), based in Venice, Italy.

Established in 1997, E.MA is an EU funded joint Master’s Degree realised in cooperation by 39 European universities representing all EU Member States. EIUC also cooperates with international organisations such as the UN-OHCHR, OSCE, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, and the European Union about the realisation of E.MA and other activities. The programme is based in Venice, Italy, and every year includes 90 students from European countries and other parts of the world.

In view of the recent enlargement of the EU, EIUC and E.MA are currently seeking University partners from Bulgaria and Romania. The expectation being that one University from each country will be included in the cooperation in the course of 2007.

Cooperation with EIUC/EMA
The cooperation between EIUC/EMA and the partner Universities in Romania and Bulgaria would include:

  • Teaching contribution by faculty members of the respective Universities. The contribution includes some days (September- January) of teaching in the field of human rights and democratisation (law, political science, philosophy or anthropology) at EIUC in Venice.
  • Availability to host and provide supervision for up to five E.MA students at the partner University during the second semester (February-September) of each academic year; provision of master’s level courses in the area of human rights and democratisation in either English or French. During the second semester E.MA students relocate to one of the 39 (41) partner Universities in Europe and continue their studies at this location in either English or French.
  • Support to the advertisement process and organisation at the national level of the evaluation of applications and selection of students from the country in question to participate in the EMA programme.
  • Regular participation in the meetings of the EIUC and E.MA governing bodies in Venice (min. two meetings per year).

Work related to the E.MA programme and other EIUC activities is unpaid, but most costs and expenses related to the participation will be covered by EIUC and a small financial allowance is made available to the partner Universities.

Universities and faculties of all disciplines are encouraged to send a two page application indicating:

  • Background of faculty and University with reference to human rights and democratisation.
  • Names of potential E.MA director and lecturers from the University and their motivation for participating in the E.MA Programme.
  • Description of academic supervising experience in the field of human rights and democratisation

Indication of working and teaching languages at the Faculty.

The application should be sent in English or French to
the E.MA Programme Director Dr. Anja Mihr Anja.Mihr@eiuc.org  and
the EIUC Secretary General Dr. George Ulrich George.Ulrich@eiuc.org
by 15 April 2007.

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