Field trip 2006 to Kosovo

As part of the first semester, from 12 till 19 January 2006, the E.MA students participated in a field trip in Kosovo aimed at raising awareness of practical challenges related to human rights work in the field.

The E.MA organises an annual field trip which provides the students with an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills related to human rights promotion in the field. This year was the third time the E.MA field trip has been organised to Kosovo and it has proven as successful as during the first two years. The trip was, like in previous years, coordinated by Ms. Marijana Grandits, Director of the Working Table on Democracy within the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

The Masterini stayed in Kosovo from the 12th to 19th of January 2006, mainly in Pristina, but they also participated in trips in other parts of the province: in Mitrovica, Peja, Decani, Lipljan, Janievo and Gracanica. The Masterini have visited all actors involved in the field ranging from international organisations (UNMIK, OSCE, EU, ICRC, KFOR…) to the local authorities (Kosovo Protection Corp, Kosovo Police Service, Assembly of Kosovo, Media Commission...). Many NGOs and political groups were also visited. One of the highlights of the trip was the meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister, Mr. Bajram Kosumi.

While the Masterini have proven very enthusiastic about the trip on the one side, the high level of the meetings also shows the recognition and the sharp interest of the international and local institutions in the field towards the E.MA programme.

The intense schedule of visits left some room to appreciate the hospitality and culture of Kosovo. The Masterini were warmly welcomed and surrounded throughout their journey by the students of the University of Pristina. Moreover, they have been accommodated by local families and participated in different cultural events, ranging from traditional dances to contemporary arts.
The experience has deepened the concrete human rights understanding of the Masterini. Moreover it has provided with them with a unique human experience.

Ms Marijana Grandits with Prime Minister Mr. Bajram Kosumi (on her left).

Briefing with Mr Gianfranco D'Eramo (Advisor on Minority Affairs to SRSG, UNMIK),
his assistant, and Gazmen Salijevic, roma activist in Gracanica.

Head of OSCE mission in Kosovo: Ambassador Werner Wnendt

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