First Fundamental Rights Documents in Europe

"First Fundamental Rights Documents in Europe - Commemorating 800 Years of Magna Carta" paints a multi-faceted picture of historical fundamental rights documents in the European space by collating the experience of 24 European Union Member States at times in history when most of these states did not even exist.

The authors are Markku Suksi, Dr., Professor of Public Law, Åbo Akademi University, Finland; Kalliope Agapiou-Josephides, PhD (Political Science), Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Cyprus, Cyprus; Jean-Paul Lehners, PhD (History), Professor emeritus, UNESCO Chair of Human Rights, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; Manfred Nowak, Dr, LL.M., Professor of International Law and Human Rights, University of Vienna, Austria.

You can read the publication details and order a copy of the book by the new website of EIUC Publications.

The range of EIUC publications gathers several studies on human rights commissioned by the European Parliament, as well as academic papers and European yearbooks.

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