GC Call for papers for the International Academic Conference in Bangkok


In September 2014 the Global Council decided to hold a “Global Campus promotional and visibility event” on the theme of democratisation to be organized and hosted by the Asia Pacific Programme in the first half of 2015. Funding for this event will be earmarked within the heading “promotional events” of the EIUC-GC Venice budget.

Following its Steering Committee in January 2015, the Asia Pacific programme proposed to organise an international academic conference on 4th - 6th June 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand.
The objective of the conference will be two-fold: to exchange research findings and thinking around democratisation, and to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue on process/actor-oriented, conceptual, and methodological issues in the context of the Asia Pacific as well as all regions of the Global Campus.

The format of the conference will be a mix of keynote speakers and thematic panels made up of experts, including also experts from the GC regional programs.
The selection of attendees will be driven by expertise and based on the submission of paper presentations, as there is keen interest in having the papers published as proceedings of the conference.

The Asia-Pacific Programme therefore would like to invite the submission of abstracts (ca. 250 words) by one or two academics from each regional Master’s program by 28th FEBRUARY, 2015, on a topic that speaks to the following themes:

  • Regional institutional architecture and ‘culture’ of democracy.
  • Trans-national processes that promote, protect or obstruct democratisation in the Asia Pacific and other regions.
  • Methodological issues and challenges in researching democratisation that legal and social science perspectives bring separately and also combined (interdisciplinary approach).
  • Teaching democracy. One of the challenges is to reconcile the teaching of democracy as an academic exercise with the practical needs of democracy activists and practitioners. This also includes the process of collective learning and mutual learning among the countries in each region, as well as the emergence of a knowledge hub to harness the learning process.

Click here to download the proposal for the conference of the Asia-Pacific Programme with more details on the event and the call for papers.
Please note that abstract and drafts have to be submitted directly to:  mhrd.admin@sydney.edu.au.

Full paper drafts will have to be submitted by 11th May, 2015.

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