GC-OHCHR Webinar “Human Rights Education in Higher Education: Pathways for Youth Empowerment”

The Global Campus of Human Rights and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights are glad to invite you to the Webinar “Human Rights Education in Higher Education: Pathways for Youth Empowerment”. The event will take place on 13 December at 13:00 – 14:30 (CET) as part of the UN initiatives for the UDHR 75th Anniversary (December HR75 spotlight: Human rights education for youth).


Human rights education (HRE) is a human right in itself, as recognised in international law. Human rights education develops knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to protect and promote human rights in daily life. UN fora have highlighted that higher education institutions, through their core functions (research, teaching and service to the community), have the social responsibility to educate ethical citizens committed to the construction of peace, the defence of human rights and the values of democracy. Yet, out of the about 30,000 universities worldwide, a mere fraction offers human rights courses. Human rights education still too often faces resistance, in view of its great transformative power as a value-driven discipline promoting critical thinking and mobilization. Eventually, human rights education can backslide even where it has already affirmed itself. It is in this context that human rights educators play a crucial role, at the very crossroads between teaching and advocacy, acting as quiet, but powerful agents of change. The 75th anniversary of the UDHR provides an occasion to reflect upon the challenges and opportunities of promoting human rights through the inspiring work of educators and institutions at the forefront.


Intro and moderation

Adriano Remiddi, Global Campus of Human Rights

Short address

Chiara Adamo, European Commission - DG INTPA

Farida Shaheed, UN SR on the Right to Education

Manfred Nowak, GC Secretary General


George Ulrich, Global Campus of Human Rights

“Human rights education in higher education: global trends”

Felisa Tibbitts, UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Higher Education and Chair in Human Rights Education, Utrecht University

“The role of higher education institutions in developing a community of human rights educators”

Mike Hayes, Mahidol University/GC Asia-Pacific

“Good human rights education practices from South-East Asia”

Eduardo Kepapelo, University of Pretoria/GC Africa

“Engaging young students through competitions: the Nelson Mandela Moot Court”


Students’ representatives from the 8 GC regional MA programmes

Wrap up and closing

Elena Ippoliti, OHCHR

The event is organised in the framework of the GC Capacity Development programme and powered by the GC E-Learning Department.

Please find here below the video recording of the event and at this link the related Q&A component.



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