Global Campus Human Rights Journal: Fifth Issue Now Online

The Global Campus of Human Rights enriches its online publications with the latest issue of the Global Campus Human Rights Journal (GCHRJ). Launched in 2017 and already counting on thousands of readers around the world, the GCHRJ keeps serving as a forum for rigorous scholarly analysis, critical commentaries, and reports on recent developments pertaining to human rights and democratisation globally.


Global Classroom: The COVID-19 pandemic and socio-economic rights

Introduction: The COVID-19 pandemic and socio-economic rights

Rachel Kurian

The right to education in the Caucasus in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic

Sergey Ghazinyan, Ana Teresa Corzanego Khatounian, Christina Tatoueva, Jakub Wojsyk and Zemfira Gogueva

A she-cession? Exploring labour policy responses to COVID-19 and their impact on women's right to work in Europe

Chiara Altafin, Manuela Baiker, Ríon McCall Magan, Francesca Mancarella and Mariana Ferreira

The pandemic and access to healthcare: Economic inequality and marginalisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

Miloš Burzan, Imane Bellaadem, Selma Alispahić, Carolina Muzzillo and Giulia Russo

The realisation of the right to social security during COVID-19 in Africa: Case studies of Cameroon, Kenya and South Africa

Ashina Mtsumi, Lihle Mabuza, Benjamin Tonga, Robert Akoto Amoafo and Wilson Macharia

Envisioning the new normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic: Inequality, COVID-19 and vulnerability

Dharmendra Bahadur Dhami, Zhouzheng Huang, Graciela Awkit and Sirikanya Santayakul


A critical review of the relationship between academic freedom and democracy in Ghana’s public universities: From pre-independence to the Fourth Republic

Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua


Enhancing children’s participation in research: A review of ‘the limits of giving voice’

Mark P. Capaldi

The Global Campus Human Rights Journal Volume 5, No 1 is now available online.

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