Global Campus of Human Rights: EMA awarded theses 2018/2019

Every year the regional master’s programmes select the best master thesis of the previous academic year that is published online as part of the GC publications. The selected seven GC master theses cover a range of different international human rights topics and challenges. Adding to the GC master theses, are selections of Master’s theses which most Programmes award on a yearly basis.

Global Campus Europe-EMA awarded theses 2018/2019 are online and you can find them at our Repository, here.

In details:

• Ay, Emine, Remembering without Confronting. Memorialization as a Reparation without Coming to Terms with the Past: Case study: Ulucanlar Prison Museum. Supervisor: Gabor Olah, Masaryk University, Brno.


• Basso, Francesca, In Pain Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children? For a Human Right to Pain Relief in Childbirth. Supervisor: Helena Pereira De Melo, New University of Lisbon.


• Dewaele, Janne, The Use of Human Rights Law in Climate Change Litigation. An Inquiry into the Human Rights Obligations of States in the Context of Climate Change; and the Use of Human Rights Law in Urgenda and other Climate Cases. Supervisor: Claire Vial, Université de Montpellier.


• Gómez del Valle Ruiz, Álvaro, “A Community of Shared Destiny”: How China Is Reshaping Human Rights in Southeast Asia. Supervisor: Karol Nowak, Lund University. • Veit, Meredith, Blockchain and Journalism: The Intersection between Blockchain-Based Technology and Freedom of the Press. Supervisor: Jónatas Machado, University of Coimbra.

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