Global Campus of Human Rights: EMA awarded theses 2019/2020

Each year the EMA Council of Directors selects five theses, which stand out not only for their formal academic qualities but also for the originality of topic, innovative character of methodology and approach, potential usefulness in raising awareness about neglected issues, and capacity for contributing to the promotion of the values underlying human rights and democracy.

Global Campus Europe / EMA awarded theses 2019/2020 are online and you can find them at our Repository.

In details:

  • Caruana, Deborah, Securitising Children Rights: Victims and Heirs of Terrorism. A Critical Analysis of France’s Approach to Children of Foreign Terrorist Fighters. Supervisor: Heidi Riley, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin.
  • Catalão, Mariana, Environmental Justice, Climate Change and Human Rights. Different Contributions, Different Consequences and Different Capabilities Should Equal Different Human Rights Obligations. Supervisor: Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki.
  • Houssais, Olivia, Democratic Deficit Theory: A Reversed Approach. Why Radical Political Changes in Member States Affect the Quality of Democracy in the EU. Supervisor: Anna Unger, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.
  • Monteiro Burkle, Eduardo, When Forgetting Is Dangerous: Transitional Justice, Collective Remembrance and Brazil’s Shift to Far-Right Populism. Supervisor: Alice Panepinto, Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Stockhem, Ophélie, Improving the International Regulation of Cybersex Trafficking of Women and Children through the Use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Supervisors: Maria López Belloso and Demelsa Beniso Sánchez, University of Deusto, Bilbao.
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